[frs-104] What is Request Content Capture?

When monitoring pages, FusionReactor doesn't save all detailed information in the request log files due to the huge amount of data that would be created. Request Content Capture gives you the ability to record the entire request (and/or response) of your pages. This feature can be found on the Request Settings Page.

Request Capture When enabled, the contents of requests being made to the server and optionally their responses will be completely recorded. These can then be analysed or replayed at a later time.
Capture Path This is the directory in which captured requests will be stored.

WARNING: Turning on Request Content Capture will create multiple XML files for every request run on a server. This may use very large quantities of disk space very quickly. Please be careful when enabling this feature and do not leave it enabled if you are not monitoring it. We recommend that you try request capture on a test/demo system before using it in production.

Request Content Capture has three modes: "Disabled", "Requests Only" and "Requests and Responses". We generally advise only using "Requests Only" unless you have a specific interest in the responses generated.

NOTE for NT users: Request Content Capture generates typically thousands of files which can overload the NT file system when they are all written to a single directory. I would recommend that you change the directory regularly. You can do this by hand or via FRAPI using a scheduled CF page that creates a new directory and then changes the Request Setting to use that directory. You could schedule you page to run every hour and create a new folder name based upon time. It could also be intelligent enough to turn Request Capture off if the disk space is getting full.

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