[frs-117] Will I still be able to access FusionReactor even if CF becomes unresponsive?

Access to FusionReactor in this case depends somewhat on the type of problems you are seeing. Often you will still be able to access FusionReactor even if ColdFusion is unresponsive, but if the JVM itself has been interrupted then FusionReactor may also be unavailable. Even in this situation though, FusionReactor will still have logged everything up until that point so you can find out what has happened.

Additionally, you can enable the Crash Protection feature to notify you when the system gets into various panic states and it will store stack traces to help you identify the cause. It is also possible to configure Crash Protection such that requests are queued or terminated in order to try and stop the server getting into such a state that it actually becomes unresponsive.

If you want more information about Crash Protection then we have a special feature page on our website:

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