[frs-133] How can I programmatically interact with FusionReactor? Can we programmatically kill a process after a certain time or if there are x number of the same files taking a long time?

It is not possible to programmatically access FusionReactor 1.0.x. FusionReactor 2.0 does have an API called FRAPI.

It is possible to configure FusionReactor 1.0.x to abort requests that run longer than a certain time. To do this please configure the Crash Protection Timeout setting, and enable Crash Protection. Please see the FusionReactor help for further details.

FusionReactor 2.0 features a kill command in it's API. This will allow you to programmatically kill a process after a certain time via a CF Page or Java code.

For more infomation on the FRAPI, please see the online JavaDocs or read the FRAPI Examples pdf file.

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