[frs-134] I’d like to get more information on the log files of FusionReactor. Where are the request history and longest request saved? In Advanced Settings, I see some settings for the log files but I don’t see where they are saved?

You need to activate request logging. Please go to the Request Settings page and set Request Logging to Enabled.

Make sure that the logging system is set to Standard in the FusionReactor settings .

You should now see request log files being written to the /log folder of FusionReactor on each request.

If you want to activate Crash Protection go to the Crash Protection Settings page, and set the Request Protection to the number of request that should trigger a Stack Trace. eg. 20. Set the Survival Strategy to Notify.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-134
Components: Crash Protection, FusionReactor Settings, Request Managment
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Last Updated: 25/Jun/07 12:30 PM
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