[frs-207] FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard 1.1.5 Release Notes and Resolved Issues

FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard Rev. 1.1.5


Status: 14-November-2008

Welcome to the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard!

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These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide
late-breaking news, and list additional documentation for the software.

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To Check for FusionReactor AIR Enterprise Dashboard updates, open the application and select the "Updates" tab from the login dialogue and click the "Check for updates" button. The status text will be updated showing the applications current update status: "Up to date" or "Update Available".
If an update is available, the "Update" button will be enabled. Clicking the update button will download and install the latest update, restarting the application with the new and installed update.


Key Issue Type Summary
FE25 Improvement When a connection to the server is lost the system tray icons remain in sync with the dashboard (blue, amber or red)
FE23 Improvement The automatic undock functionality needs improving to notify users when a conncection is lost
FR1524 Improvement When a server has an expired license and the server is selected within the Enterprise Dashboard a runtime error is thrown
FR1542 Improvement Enterprise Dashboard lights up the [MEM] panel light when Crash Protection limits are reached. It should also light up a [CP]
FE24 Bug The FED does not always undock when a connection is re-established
FR1614 Bug The attributes of a server group can become invisible if the size of the avg request time is too large
FR1600 Bug Too many Crash Protection lights on Enterprise Dashboard
FR1567 Bug XML parser failure: element is malformed when watching ED and Installing a new license
FR1560 Bug When a server is shut down and the ED is running, the ED throws an error if you click on the OFFLINE + button
FR1550 Bug Implement new "trying to connect" alerting metric light [CP] panel light
FR1538 Bug The gauges for the groups within the Enterprise Dashboard seem to be showing invalid data
FR1536 Bug When a server is shut down and the Enterprise Dashboard is running, the Enterprise Dashboard throws numerous runtime / stream errors
FR1535 Bug The gauge and Graphs seem to be showing incorrect averages
FR1530 Bug When a server is not polled / connection then if the server is selected the Enterprise Dashboard throws runtime errors
FR1448 Bug The server links in the Enterprise Dashboard within FusionReactor fail: "Fhtml: Mode is invalid".
FR1436 Bug Dashboard displays incorrect uptime
FR1421 Bug Enterprise Dashboard Grouped server information memory graph shows the max memory in bytes but the units are KB. The value should be adjusted to be KB
FR1420 Bug Server uptime Field is blank when displaying long dates
FR1404 Bug Enterprise Dashboard + System Metrics use different names for the amount of Allocated Memory.
FR1401 Bug Enterprise Dashboard reports item currently being monitored has been grouped or removed when clicking on a ungrouped server during a refresh of the XML data
FR1213 Bug Mouse over issue on gauge "arrow" link
FR1170 Bug Sometimes Servers go RED when taking another server offline in the Enterprise Dashboard

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-207
Components: FR Enterprise Dashboard Desktop Application
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 28/Jul/11 10:49 AM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 3.0, 3.0.1
Server: ColdFusion 6, ColdFusion 7, ColdFusion 8, Flex Data Services, JBoss, Jetty, JRun 4, LiveCycle Data Services, Railo, ServletExec, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic
Platform: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, MacOS, Windows Vista
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