[frs-214] FusionReactor 3.0.1 Release Notes and Resolved Issues

FusionReactor Rev. 3.0.1


Status: 14-November-2008

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These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide
late-breaking news, and list additional documentation for the software.

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Key Issue Type Summary
FR1458 New Feature Additional URL params for re-directed CP URLs
FR1451 New Feature Replace the Tanuki Service Wrapper with the install4j service wrapper
FR735 New Feature socketWrite0 protection
FR1564 New Feature Port checker on the installer
FR1374 New Feature Create a Enterprise Monitoring Installer
FR1477 Improvement The sentence "In order to verify your email settings, please use the Test Email page" could benefit by changed to say "please save your changes above and then use …"
FR1483 Improvement It would be helpful for the FR Change password screen to warn us that we need to then change the Enterprise Dashboard password for this server, both on this server itself and any servers monitoring it.
FR1495 Improvement Web descriptor should not use a hard coded reference to reactor.conf
FR1012 Improvement Create Sample restart scripts for Windows, Mac, Linux etc and include in the distribution
FR1552 Improvement Recommends that we make the default CP setting NOTIFY and not ABORT and NOTIFY
FR1524 Improvement When a server has an expired licesne and the server is selected within the ED a runtime error is thrown
FR1542 Improvement FED lights up the [MEM] panel light when Crash Protection limits are reached. It should also light up a [CP] panel light
FR1412 Improvement Add a check for FusionReactor already being installed and warn the user not to pick a port that a FusionReactor instance is currently using. See Desc.
FR1413 Improvement Assign FREM port 8088 and 8188 as Tomcat control port
FR1444 Improvement FREM allows the installation of a STD license
FR1445 Improvement FREM Uninstall does not remove installed instances
FR1461 Improvement FREM executable icon is not branded
FR1469 Improvement FREM Setup should validate System Preferences on Unix
FR1479 Improvement It may help to tell users in the help paragraph for the mail server that they can't leave it blank to use CF's mail server, as there's no connection (right?)
FR1353 Improvement The installer should inform the user if they need to set the location of the native lib manualy.
FR1422 Improvement Stop FusionReactor if it cannot write to the system backing store
FR1430 Improvement Setup should add log header files when updating a previous instances
FR1437 Improvement Support for ColdFusion 64bit versions and 64bit JVM's
FR1455 Improvement Trim Tomcat to what is required to run FREM only
FR1502 Improvement FR STD users can not use the Setup to install multiple local instances
FR1521 Improvement Installer should have update existing instances as the default selection (currently install new instance is selected)
FR1548 Improvement Consider making JBoss "default" server the default, instead of 'all" (JRun "Coldfusion" instead of "admin")
FR1563 Improvement Instances added with the Setup can not be deleted with the InstanceManager
FR1577 Improvement Setup should pick the 'ColdFusion' instance of a CF7 multi-instance install (instead of 'admin').
FR1578 Improvement Instance Dialog in Setup should prevent users to install over existing instance
FR1579 Improvement Setup creates file error.log
FR1462 Improvement The 'starting from directory ' text input field is limited to 30 chars
FR1423 Improvement JRun, CF as WAR/J2EE Deploy: FR JDBC Wrapper does not report JDBC metric data to FR
FR1441 Improvement Please show the number of flushes performed in the stream metrics
FR1494 Improvement have an indicator on the request-oriented information pages to indicate if/when someone does have requests being ignored
FR1519 Improvement Add an informational item to the top right corner of FR to let the user know that Request Capture is active
FR1523 Improvement OpenBD should be listed in the possible servers for Instance Manager and for the installer
FR1478 Bug If you fill out the email from and to address, if don't fill out the server, your greeted with an unclear message, "One or more fields could not be stored. Validation failed for the following reason: Mandatory key crashprotection.email.server
FR1512 Bug Changes to the log file configurarion do not take when set via frapi.setRunningConfiguration(config)
FR1470 Bug Crash Protection abort does not display message or throw redirect
FR1473 Bug Incorrect Alert Message in CP emails when requests are queued by Memory Protection
FR1501 Bug Trial Expiry: Logs and CP alerts continue to fire
FR1507 Bug FR reports server down, and generates alert email although the server is functioning. Seems to be lost communications.
FR1527 Bug CP Emails – Text Differences
FR1170 Bug Sometimes Servers go RED when taking another server offline in the FED
FR1213 Bug Mouse over issue on gauge "arrow" link
FR1394 Bug FR does not work properly with the HTTP server of the container
FR1401 Bug FED reports item currently being monitored has been grouped or removed when clicking on a ungrouped server during a refresh of the fenteprisecontent.cfm XML data
FR1403 Bug FED + System Metrics use different names for the amount of Allocated Memory.
FR1420 Bug Server Uptime Field is blank when displaying long dates
FR1421 Bug FED Grouped server information memory graph shows the max memory in bytes but the units are KB. The value should be adjusted to be KB
FR1436 Bug Dashboard displays incorrect uptime
FR1488 Bug The server links in the FED within FusionReactor fail: "Fhtml: Mode is invalid".
FR1529 Bug Trial Expiry -> Fully Licensed Enterprise Instance causes NPE in Enterprise service
FR1530 Bug When a server is not polled / connection then if the server is selected the ED throughs runtime errors
FR1533 Bug Enterprise servers which are down go from CRITICAL – FAILED to CRITICAL – OK to CRITICAL – FAILED, should start CRITICAL – OK
FR1535 Bug The Guage and Graphs seem to be showing incorrect averages
FR1536 Bug When a server is shut down and the ED is running, the ED throws numerous runtime / stream errors
FR1538 Bug The guages for the groups within the ED seem to be showing invalid data
FR1550 Bug Implement new "trying to connect" alerting metric light
FR1560 Bug When a server is shut down and the ED is running, the ED throws an error if you click on the OFFLINE + button
FR1565 Bug NPE FederatedDataManager.java generated when I open the ED on a server after a license install and act on a different instance
FR1567 Bug XML parser failure: element is malformed when watching ED and Installing a new license
FR1575 Bug Refactor server up/down tracking for new Monitor operation
FR1580 Bug NPE in server log when adding a non running instance to ED
FR1583 Bug Duplicate URL's on Managed Servers causes many problems (scripts may not be run, alerts don't fire, password issues)
FR1593 Bug user FusionReactor Exception: No FederatedWorkerThread is servicing Server ID 0 NPE when you disable FusionReactor
FR1414 Bug Help does not work in FREM
FR1443 Bug FREMs own instance can be added again after a server scan has been executed
FR1590 Bug FREM still contains the word Beta in the title "Enterprise Monitoring Dashboard (Beta)."
FR1566 Bug java.net.SocketException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error when running commands over the J2EE channel
FR1396 Bug Setup failes if Windows registry contains an unexpected value for 'DisplayName'
FR1417 Bug Manually choosing a target server while Setup is looking for servers installs filter to wrong server
FR1440 Bug Sun JVM fix 6519088 does not work on Railo Resin
FR1442 Bug When running the installer on x64 edition the it doesn't scan for servers.
FR1460 Bug Manual update packages do not include 64bit libraries
FR1522 Bug License Expires after running the updater
FR1541 Bug FusionReactor.dll file is not being overwritten when it is in access during the update. The user is not warned and cannot reattempt the update
FR1556 Bug Update did not recognize previousley removed instance
FR1568 Bug Updating FR2 does not handle passwords correctly
FR1574 Bug The "Update existing instances" radio button is not visible on the Mac installer
FR1592 Bug Railo Resin SysPrefs fix is not longer applied by Setup
FR1439 Bug Update location of native libraries for Railo Resin
FR1499 Bug InstanceManager creates bogus URLs in Manage Servers for new FR instance
FR1540 Bug Can't install using Instance Manager from Railo 3.0.0/Resin to Railo 1.0.0/Resin
FR1553 Bug InstanceManager does not handle instances correctly
FR1581 Bug Instance manager performance has lowered by 20x or more
FR1589 Bug Instance Manager does not copy passwords to Manager and Observer correctly in the reactor.conf if the user selects the Use the same password for all users option.
FR1426 Bug fredirect.cfm page returns incorrect (relative URI) Location headers. Location headers must be absolute URI's
FR1427 Bug TrackedStream and SoftKillWrapper affect the stream buffer size and flushing. FR should not influence the Servlet engine unless the user is aware.
FR1492 Bug FusionReactor should work with Railo version 3.0
FR1498 Bug FusionReactor breaks Railo Administrator
FR1517 Bug FusionReactor prevents login to Railo Administrator version 1
FR1518 Bug FusionReactor causes ClosedIOException in JRun when introspecting CFCs
FR1471 Bug JDBC wrapper inside CFC when invoked via an Event Gateway cause NPE
FR1500 Bug Trial Expiry: Wrapped Datasources Fail
FR1409 Bug License activation problems without Internet connection
FR1410 Bug License installation problems
FR1525 Bug Java Preferences Warning after using instance manager to install into Tomcat
FR1528 Bug Instance does not reflect license update until restart.
FR1534 Bug When installing FR in OpenBD a problem with the SPBS occurs
FR1555 Bug FR/FREM: Warning from sysprefs when installing FREM
FR1407 Bug AIR, Flex and Manage Servers Direct server Links do not work on port 80
FR1508 Bug Add a Server Session ID (the Epoch time of the server startup) to each row in the log files.
FR1390 Bug FusionReactor Exception: null at java.util.Hashtable.put(Hashtable.java:394)
FR1468 Bug java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 at com.intergral.fusionreactor.metrics. MetricHistoricalValues.trimLists(MetricHistoricalValues.java:0)
FR1428 Bug Native Library Fail To Load Due To TLS Error
FR1431 Bug Rapid Stack Dumps cause stdout failiure
FR1432 Bug The native lib will not load on Solaris 8/9
FR1547 Bug Native library has wrong name
FR1539 Bug Flash Player Update dialog does not pop up for Enterprise Dashboard


Key Issue Type Summary
FR283 New Feature Add option to send a test notificaiton email (Test Email Address Button)
FR987 New Feature Launch/shell a script in the OS when a server stop or starts
FR1078 New Feature Add Requests/Second (Request Load), system CPU occupancy and JDBC Load to federated data packet, FEnterpriseContent
FR343 New Feature FAQ for how to do exclusions using regex for a whole folder
FR722 New Feature FRAPI enhancements
FR881 New Feature IP address binding of Nano should be configurable
FR669 New Feature Implement an Updater
FR670 New Feature ZIP installation packages can loose empty subdirs under instance directory when unzipped with the wrong tool
FR676 New Feature Add a port checker
FR695 New Feature Upgrade the Setup to use the latest Java 5 JRE
FR728 New Feature Setup should warn the user before stopping a target server
FR741 New Feature Setup does not support Tomcat 6
FR956 New Feature FusionReactor should support Railo Resin 3.x
FR1168 New Feature Add support for Railo 2
FR662 New Feature InstanceManager: default port for new instances should be current port + 1
FR711 New Feature Remove an instance listed without really removing the monitoring of that instance
FR781 New Feature InstanceManager should prompt for passwords for all three default users
FR305 New Feature J2EE generic installs should not rely on file jvm.config
FR696 New Feature JDBC wrapper high memory usage : Add an option for FR to be able to Record JDBC queries, only the slowest query, only metrics
FR992 New Feature License Activation for FusionReactor
FR578 New Feature Multple levels of authentication for Fusion-Reactor
FR709 New Feature Log File improvements
FR795 New Feature Stream Metrics should be added to the request log
FR491 New Feature The fields of the Request Detail pages need grouping together into related groups. TIme, Mem, DB, HTTP, Status etc.
FR684 New Feature Allow Running Request details to be exported
FR944 New Feature You should be able to see queued requests in FusionReactor
FR966 New Feature Flexible Graph Support
FR983 Improvement Make the location of the JRun servers directory configurable
FR406 Improvement Native library must get total CPU load and add it to the CPU metric, Federate this over the network; add this to the dashboard + CPU graphs, Add to resource log
FR972 Improvement CPU usage wording
FR791 Improvement Alert emails are still sent even if FusionReactor is disabled.
FR976 Improvement Rework the CP email to better separate the CP alert text from the 'current request' output
FR981 Improvement Change request queue reporting to show queue entry and queue exit only
FR1132 Improvement Add the ability to kill a request currently queued so it never runs.
FR1136 Improvement Add a CR after the current request string in the Alert emails, add a description of the data (fields) shown in the email, and make the execution time clearer
FR1242 Improvement CP should only log QUEUED requests (RequestLimit and MemoryLimit) when not inhibited to stop the CP log flooding with QUEUE messages
FR917 Improvement Corrections in Readme file
FR923 Improvement Corrections in Readme file
FR940 Improvement Improvement to JDBC Wrapper User Guide and online resources.
FR941 Improvement Improve CP Settings page to make Abort strategy clearer.
FR1160 Improvement The Enterprise Dashboard should show the number of currently queued requests.
FR1207 Improvement The Request and JDBC load graphs should Auto Scale
FR1209 Improvement event listener on data refresh
FR1210 Improvement Implement "panic refresh" functionality
FR1221 Improvement An FR2.0.4 instances shows -1 as Queue Size in the ED of FR-IO
FR1251 Improvement Dashboard: The mouseover behaviour on a single item within a tile box seems a little erratic.
FR1252 Improvement Dashboard: Add tooltips to labels in the dashboard.
FR1312 Improvement Enhance text for script in Enterprise -> Manage Servers
FR1040 Improvement Create a MultiFlexiGraph applet which combines the current six Flexigraphs on the metrics page and shows either 1 minutes (60 seconds) and 1 hr (60 minute) data
FR1086 Improvement The scrolling graph handles are still difficult to grab at times.
FR1087 Improvement On the Multi graphs, the min/hour switch could be made much smaller
FR1088 Improvement The fonts on the multi-graphs should be improved.
FR1093 Improvement Add a button to the multi-flexigraph Metrics applet which allows all graphs to be toggled to minute/hour
FR1099 Improvement Scrolling Graph should show labels for min/max and currently selected min/max
FR1122 Improvement Graphs. Try and force the graph to show or hide labels consistently!
FR1129 Improvement The scrolling graph should implement a down-rezzing feature in order to display large data periods.
FR1228 Improvement Request Load and JDBC Request Load Graph on the FED should set the scale to the Max value to show; if the max value to show is zero, then show 100.
FR1241 Improvement MultiGraph – The data tooltips should include the name of the series which is currently being displayed
FR1248 Improvement Scrolling Graph: Get rid of the empty space which appears at the edges of the graph.
FR1254 Improvement MultiGraph: The order of the graphs down the left hand side of a maximised graph should be changed.
FR1301 Improvement Labels on Multigraphs are too long
FR1314 Improvement Change System Metric graphs to transparent non-stacked graphs
FR857 Improvement Update Help System to refelect the changes in 2.0.4 + 3.0
FR1009 Improvement The help system should indicate which pages are available to which user roles.
FR1058 Improvement Should license activation be mentioned in the help system
FR1142 Improvement Help system needs updating to mirror the changes to the TOC
FR1182 Improvement Add JDBC Composite Metrics to the Request Log
FR1204 Improvement Update Help to include new crash protection log file description
FR1216 Improvement Update Help: Add cfid, cftoken and jsessionid to the request log file
FR1270 Improvement Help must be updated to include new querystring field in JDBC log. Make sure field order matches the log and header file, especially for datasource field
FR777 Improvement Setup does not support ColdFusion 8
FR778 Improvement FusionReactor should support LiveCycle Data Services
FR884 Improvement FR should support JBoss 4.2.x and above
FR885 Improvement FR should support ServletExec
FR988 Improvement Improvement of Uninstall Wizard
FR1131 Improvement When I drag the FusionReactor shortcut onto a browser I get a file download dialog.
FR1138 Improvement FR with JRun 4 updater 7 release
FR751 Improvement Make instance manager names links to individual instances
FR913 Improvement Instances change order after added a pre-existing instance.
FR1023 Improvement Let InstMgr create files servers.xml and instances.xml if missing
FR841 Improvement The datasource should be displayed along with queries on the JDBC page.
FR869 Improvement Filter/Limit the Recorded (JDBCMetricsHolder) + Log file JDBC entries to those that reach a Total Execution Time >= a configurable setting
FR1004 Improvement JDBC Wrapper does not support identity values in CF8
FR1005 Improvement Filter/Limit the Log file JDBC entries to those that reach a Total Execution Time >= a configurable setting
FR1188 Improvement Add JDBC Longest Running Queries History
FR1065 Improvement Pop a dialog after license upload in order to automatically activate
FR1172 Improvement Make it obvious that a FR1 license (w/o subscr.) cannot be used with FR3
FR1272 Improvement Set grace period for FR license subscription users
FR782 Improvement InstanceAdministrator and Observer should be able to have empty passwords (= account disabled)
FR792 Improvement The focus on the login page should be on the password box, not the role.
FR771 Improvement Add Date Timestamp to All Log Entries
FR1003 Improvement Resource Log file should track the #requests per second, #running requests, the average request time and the average jdbc request time
FR1106 Improvement Log files gets filled if a machine is offline for an externded period of time.
FR1157 Improvement Crash Protection log is not canonical and cannot be processed
FR1163 Improvement Gzillions of "INFO Thread web-xx not found in running request map!" messages in the log
FR1196 Improvement Improve request logs to include CP and Manual Kill Status information
FR1206 Improvement Add cfid, cftoken and jsessionid to the request log file
FR1260 Improvement The JDBC log does not log the URL params. Makes it useless for analysis against frameworks without a request log
FR1298 Improvement Log files are not versioned. The canonical log files should have a version number per entry
FR1300 Improvement StatusMonitor could be use the Composite Probe instead of creating it's own request and jdbc probes
FR1355 Improvement Increase the default log sizes to 10MB+ each
FR796 Improvement Stream Metrics should be configurable (on/off)
FR816 Improvement On the request metrics page, it would be nice to see a graph of the avg request time and request count (requests per second), just like the cpu and memory graphs. and if the JDBC wrapper is used, same for that avg time.
FR1007 Improvement Add Graphs and Dataproviders for 1hr of Metric Data
FR1278 Improvement The Resource settings initial delay should be set to default 0 (currently 10000 – 10 secs), as it causes a dealy until you can see the resource graphs of 20 seconds
FR1279 Improvement Consider adding the Request Load, Request Average Time, JDBC Load and JDBC Average time graphs to the resource section
FR1076 Improvement Java should specify the location of a writable area (e.g. Log folder) in which the stack trace can be written
FR797 Improvement The Content-type should be visible on the request details main tab
FR798 Improvement Data rate underflow handling (was: Data Rate Calculation considerations)
FR749 Improvement Clarify the Mime-Type Compression exclusions text
FR793 Improvement The Table of Contents should have the next text at the top simplified.
FR794 Improvement The "Instance Administrator" should be renamed to "Manager"
FR906 Improvement fhtml should default to mode=main and not NPE if the mode param is left off
FR926 Improvement Can the "Copy Headers" setting be removed from the UI?
FR945 Improvement improving the Crash Protection UI
FR958 Improvement There should be only one copyright statement in the code
FR994 Improvement On the login screen, you should only be able to select active users.
FR1006 Improvement Modify the Running Requests, History and Metrics pages so they update using AJAX
FR1010 Improvement Improve the message which is displayed when a thread cannot be killed.
FR1029 Improvement Improve text for Request Details page. (Specifically the JDBC tab.)
FR1032 Improvement Add JDBC Wrapper naming to the help system and link in to the text at the bottom of the JDBC tab (Request Details page)
FR1035 Improvement Setup should use the FR cube image instead of the global FR logo
FR1044 Improvement Improve layout of license activation pages.
FR1055 Improvement The 'Copy to Clipboard' link should have a windows-like copy icon next to it
FR1060 Improvement The 'No more seasts remaining' exception should be displayed in a more user friendly way
FR1071 Improvement Changes to the Metrics page layout (auto refresh)
FR1081 Improvement The Memory and CPU sections of the TOC should be rolled into a single Resources section.
FR1090 Improvement The new Resource Settings page should be reworded (and toc elements).
FR1116 Improvement Decide which TOC elements should be open by default
FR1117 Improvement Bring the style of the TOC in line with the CF8 Administrator.
FR1119 Improvement The Old style refresh bar should be improved.
FR1121 Improvement The wording of the graph titles and series ids should be imporved.
FR1134 Improvement Add more of a warning for Request Capture (from support email)
FR1135 Improvement Improve message when a request is no longer available in the system
FR1159 Improvement The Request Metrics page should list the number of currently queued requests.
FR1171 Improvement Use jquery callbacks on the Ajax refresh in order to prompt when a page has failed.
FR1183 Improvement We should use the Refresh button in the header instead of refresh form buttons (eg, Request Detail Page)
FR1236 Improvement Longest JDBC Page should also show the URL of the page that ran the JDBC request as a new line after the stack trace.
FR1245 Improvement Minor layout changes
FR1246 Improvement Minor layout change on Longest JDBC page (URL)
FR1280 Improvement Remove Resource History start-up time?
FR1294 Improvement Add a Run Garbage Collection button to FR
FR1305 Improvement Version string uploaded on check for updates is not formatted correctly with the website update.cfm page
FR1354 Improvement Change Text on Email settings to let people know how to add multiple email addresses
FR1371 Improvement Add information on how to set the SMTP port to the setting text and help text on the FusionReactor settings page
FR934 Improvement Add Build Number to Splash Screen
FR1008 Improvement Add Data Providers for JDBC Queries Per Second
FR1243 Improvement The queued requests shown on the Running request screen should be made to look like other request blocks.
FR1256 Improvement Should the JDBC default storage strategy be Slowest instead of in order
FR1302 Improvement Can the multigraphs link to the resource graph equiv. when double clicked.
FR745 Bug Validation of 'Web Server Address' uses wrong validation data type
FR804 Bug No range checking on the Network Timeout key within Enterprise Settings
FR809 Bug The FusionReactor Password page still only shows a single password
FR914 Bug FusionReactor 8088 Web server threads not responding
FR1011 Bug Log Size Information is written to the stdout whenever you change the FR config
FR776 Bug CPU monitoring does not work
FR659 Bug Query string is reversed during CP Restrictions test, causes some regex to fail
FR673 Bug Crash Protection still triggers on my 'Exclude from CP' list of files
FR677 Bug CrashProtection.prettyPrintRequest: prints source IP address instead of target URL
FR713 Bug Instance manager / installer randomly uses a web site on the server for instance name
FR786 Bug IncludeExcludeList constructs URL parameters in the wrong order, leading to a rule which only matches by coincidence
FR839 Bug Crash Prot runtime protection doesn't kill threads when a manual thread kill does
FR927 Bug Killing threads during DB query freezes the thread.
FR986 Bug If you enter 85000000 as the queue timeout value then nothing is ever queued! (Max value 2,147,483)
FR415 Bug Server status for down machines is not correct, visualization keeps flipping between red and blue, this comes from the xml
FR465 Bug Times in metrics + enterprise dashboard should be integral, rounded to nearest integer
FR660 Bug Typo in Enterprise->Modify Server
FR667 Bug Enterprise instance Monitor uses local hostname instead of instance name when building URL for email
FR680 Bug Enterprise: Password error reported by worker thread (N. Hunyady)
FR700 Bug java.lang.Exception: License Exception – License is not of type Enterpris: When a user switches license from Enterprise or Trial to standard they get stack traces in the Logs
FR730 Bug Monitoring instances using the J2EE web server port does not work sometimes
FR783 Bug Rework Enterprise Worker thread thresholds to be more lenient before reporting server offline
FR805 Bug Modifying the Network Timeout value still requires a server restart for changes to take effect.
FR808 Bug I am no longer seeing Start-up and Shutdown notification emails.
FR880 Bug CLONE F/P -JDBC History information is not displayed when teh average DB time is 0ms
FR904 Bug CLONE F/P -NPE in Federated Data Manager when deleting a server on Managed Servers
FR1061 Bug When the license expires then a server goes "RED". This would cause a monitoring enterprise dashboard to launch restart script. The server will be restarted…
FR1077 Bug FED: Dashboard generates Stack Trace Windows when CF server is offline
FR1180 Bug Server on / off button causing strange behavior
FR1211 Bug Graphs and gauges appear to be out of line
FR349 Bug FAQ for CPU monitoring on LINUX
FR657 Bug PDF files going thru S+R filters does not finish the request
FR931 Bug FR breaks AJAX based web applications
FR655 Bug FusionReactor configuration settings validate and are applied to FR through FRAPI but are flagged and do not validate in FR UI.
FR685 Bug Javadoc typos
FR663 Bug Compression can Corrupt Page Content if the mimtype isn't set
FR218 Bug Is it possible to make the changes to web.xml look less messy?
FR326 Bug Eliminate settings.fri
FR446 Bug Manually adding target server fails while server search is running in background
FR629 Bug Installer should update system prefs on Linux/Sparc boxes
FR636 Bug Setup needs to prompt for the runtime user and group of the target server
FR679 Bug Setup cannot install FR on a CF7 Server installed to a directory that name does not end with MX7
FR698 Bug Incorrect User and group values of files after uninstall on Unix
FR701 Bug Problems with the control flow in the Setup
FR702 Bug Default directory is not set
FR704 Bug Installer [Add] server button has confusing layout. User may think they have to push this button to add their CF server.
FR742 Bug Problems with older servlet containers with a 2.3 DTD (Jetty4 and Tomcat4)
FR743 Bug Enterprise Dashboard is empty when changing the default instance name during Setup
FR817 Bug The Installer must warn you that the installer will restart CF
FR819 Bug Receive errors when updating 2.0.0 install to current install
FR822 Bug The default destination directory is listed as C:cvsFusionReactor
FR829 Bug Naming discrepancy for user role 'Instance Administrator'
FR902 Bug Occasional server search failure on Windows
FR915 Bug The URL of FR help in the start menu is not updated correctly when updating a previous 1.0.x installation
FR946 Bug Can't install FR on OS X – users are not found
FR948 Bug Instances of Server 'Adobe LiveCycle Data Services' are not detected
FR1021 Bug CLONE F/P -FR native library is not in java.library.path of CF8 on Linux/Solaris
FR1022 Bug Updater reports error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: isMemberOfGroup0
FR1041 Bug .jnilib isn't installed in the path when using the mac installer. Stops all native functions from working
FR1043 Bug Installer does not install a desktop icon for FR on the Mac, but creates a file called FusionReactor Administrator.desktop
FR1296 Bug Add Installation Guide to the Windows Start Menu Entry
FR1303 Bug Shortcut Error Message In Installer
FR807 Bug I added a new instance of FusionReactor through the Instance manager, but can't log into it.
FR834 Bug InstanceManager does not work on CF8 Multiserver
FR842 Bug The Instance Manager is shared between all instances.
FR365 Bug HTTP Status Code is not always correct
FR693 Bug Make the enterprise dashboard automatically refresh itself when the page update time gets too long.
FR737 Bug FusionReactor can affect Content-Type from JSP:include
FR694 Bug Enhance the JDBC wrapper to gather <cfstoredproc> metrics
FR739 Bug JDBC wrapper incorrectly handles JDBC:ODBC drivers
FR852 Bug Memory usage for JDBCMetricsHolder is 10x greater than expected, leads to excessive memory usage problems by JDBC wrapper usage
FR853 Bug Using First-N or Store all queries with a large number of queries in a page cause very long page response times
FR854 Bug JDBC wrapper overhead increases dramatically
FR855 Bug JDBC wrapper prepares the file log data even if logging is turned off. The logger doesn't log the entries but performance is impacted due to the date calculations…
FR872 Bug CLONE F/P -Reduce memory demand of TimeLimitedQueue in JDBC metric storage
FR878 Bug CLONE F/P -The Total Time listed in the JDBC queries page is too large.
FR883 Bug CLONE F/P -JDBC Averages have changed since 2.0
FR908 Bug CLONE F/P – You get redirected to the login page if you try to view the JDBC tab of a page which is currently running requests.
FR916 Bug Slight deviation in JDBC averages.
FR924 Bug CLONE F/P -JDBC Stack Traces are only generated in the JDBC log file for entries that also stored in the page metrics
FR943 Bug JDBC Wrapper breaking SQL query
FR947 Bug Misplaced data substitution in JDBC Request Detail
FR970 Bug CLONE F/P -JDBC (Oracle): Wrapper caches underlying JDBC URL.
FR975 Bug CLONE F/P -JDBC issue: 'min row count' value is incorrect; some UI wording errors.
FR996 Bug Entering fractional number into JDBC Slower Than field (among others) breaks CF
FR1036 Bug NPE raised when attempting to write a JDBC log entry, when FR is disabled
FR1223 Bug Derby Embedded JDBC Driver throws SQLException when reading current row number
FR242 Bug if I am logged into the system and upload a new licence file, I now get redirected to the login page
FR664 Bug Must not obfuscate TLC Resource classes
FR674 Bug Installing a STD license to the trial version does not disable remote servers
FR686 Bug fusionreactor.jar does not contain TLC resource properties files
FR682 Bug Admin Console won't open
FR699 Bug Login Page incorrectly says Login Failed. Please enter your FusionReactor password even when you haven't attempted to login.
FR678 Bug StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when accessing a log
FR818 Bug Add Timestamps to the FR Log file
FR997 Bug Request Log file needs to wrap string fields in "" to stop log imports assuming that fields do not exist
FR665 Bug NPE is raised in LocalMetricsFactory because something retrieved from finishedRequests is null
FR712 Bug Home page Cusotmization or re-organization. for example, having a more of a splash screen style – with running requests, recent, and slow and a threshold to set how many requests to show on the "splash page"
FR724 Bug Metrics and Enterprise Dashboard Core Dump
FR871 Bug Setting the Metrics History Size to 0 causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
FR697 Bug NanoHTTPWorkerThread parses HTTP header not properly
FR752 Bug Corrupt cookies occasionaly cause problems like FR not responding
FR799 Bug java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" errors when refreshing FusionReactor directly after a restart
FR930 Bug java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" when logging in
FR293 Bug Occasional -1 result code turns up in metrics etc.
FR320 Bug fusion reactor not killing long running requests
FR448 Bug Session data must be removed from the live object prior it being stored to history because it will be annulled by JRun sometime later
FR719 Bug Record the timestamps of the first and last bytes. Use these to derive aggregate data on size of transmitted data and throughput. Store the biggest pages / slowest throughput etc.
FR732 Bug HttpServletRequest and Response must have a surrogate object, since it is reused by JRun.
FR780 Bug Stack Trace Capture problems sometimes report wrong message to user
FR656 Bug When serializer is active web server errors are surpressed
FR668 Bug (1.) Bug report: FusionReactor 2.0 – Enterprise"Enterprise Dashboard" does not display all instances on Macintosh browser:
FR353 Bug Thread creation is failing due to (probably) insufficient GC partition space in new or perm.
FR800 Bug Errors in CF pages can cause jrpp-threads in Jrun to corrupt and return 500 server errors. Also generates (sometimes many) SERVER UNAVAILABLE/AVAILABLE emails
FR879 Bug CLONE F/P -The stack traces are no longer being logged to the JDBC log files
FR894 Bug CLONE F/P -java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" when logging in
FR977 Bug CLONE F/P -JRun handles exceptions by sending a 500 code, but this is set AFTER FusionReactor (need to set it internally)

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-214
Components: Compression, Content Filters, CPU + Memory, Crash Protection, Enterprise Dashboard, FR Enterprise Dashboard Desktop Application, FusionReactor Settings, Installer, JDBC, License + Activation, Metrics, Request Managment, Thread Management
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 07/Oct/09 12:24 PM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 3.0.1
Server: ColdFusion 6, ColdFusion 7, ColdFusion 8, Flex Data Services, JBoss, Jetty, JRun 4, LiveCycle Data Services, Railo, ServletExec, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic
Platform: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows Vista, Windows x64
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