[frs-218] Hotfix FR-1630: Datasources in CFThread blocks do not report aggregate metric data to FusionReactor

Hotfix 1630 for FusionReactor 3.0.1 – Description

This technote describes a fix for a condition under which FusionReactor will not reflect aggregate metric data (query runtime) from wrapped datasources with no associated tracked request.

This problem affects ColdFusion 8's CFTHREAD tag, in which a separate, untracked thread is spawned in which to do work. If a CFQUERY references a wrapped datasource, the data about the execution of the query is not reflected in System Metrics graphs.


A CFTHREAD block which spawns a new thread of work within ColdFusion performs a CFQUERY on a wrapped datasource. The metric data about that query is not reflected in either the System Metrics multi-graph or the JDBC graphs.


The data is being reported to FusionReactor correctly, but when FR finds no associated tracked request (because the CFTHREAD is taken to be an independent thread of work), it is discarded.


Customers experiencing this issue with FusionReactor 3.0.1 only should apply the attached Hotfix 1630, which resolves the issue.

N.b. This does not resolve the outstanding issue that the specific query data (text, number of rows, etc.) is not reported nor visible in the FusionReactor Request Detail page.

Instructions for applying the hotfix are supplied in instructions.txt within the hotfix zip file.

Hotfixes are cumulative: any future hotfixes on the FusionReactor 3.0.1 stream, up to but not including the next point release, will contain this hotfix (and all earlier hotfixes since the last point release).




After installation, FusionReactor's "About" page should identify itself as Revision: 3.0.2, Build: FR-FR301.5.12109.

Hotfix FR 1630 – obf. (Stream: branch FR301, build 5, SVN 12109)

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-218
Components: JDBC
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 12/Dec/08 4:58 PM
Affects Version: 3.0, 3.0.1
Fixed Version: 3.0.1
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