[frs-222] Log messages are not written to the associated log file

Hotfix 1640 for FusionReactor 3.0.1 – Description

This technote describes a fix for a condition under which FusionReactor log files are written to STDOUT or a Resin log file instead of being written to the associated log file.


When FusionReactor is installed on the Caucho Resin 3.x application server with virtual hosts configured (called 'webs' by Railo) the request, jdbc and crashprotection log messages are processed by Resin only but no written to the associated FusionReactor log file.


The issue occurs because of the way the Resin 3.1 application server manages the log handler objects used by FusionReactor. Analysis of this problem showed that these handlers could not be retrieved correctly in an environment using multiple Resin EnvironmentClassloader instances which resulted in log messages being written to the default log configured in Resin only.


If you see FusionReactor messages written to STDOUT (or into a Resin log file) you may need to restrict the log configuration of the Resin server accordingly. The following definition in the resin.conf file

<!--- Logging configuration for the JDK logging API. -->
<log name='' level='all' path='stdout:' timestamp='[%H:%M:%S.%s] {%{thread}} '/>

should be changed to something like

<!--- Logging configuration for the JDK logging API. -->
<log name='com.caucho' level='all' path='stdout:' timestamp='[%H:%M:%S.%s] {%{thread}} '/>

so that the FusionReactor loggers are excluded.


Customers with FusionReactor 3.0.1 only should apply the attached Hotfix 1640, which resolves this issue.

Instructions for applying the hotfix are supplied in instructions.txt within the hotfix zip file.

Hotfixes are cumulative: any future hotfixes on the FusionReactor 3.0.1 stream, up to but not including the next point release, will contain this hotfix (and all earlier hotfixes since the last point release).

Included Hotfixes

  • Hotfix 1623, described by technote FRS-216
  • Hotfix 1630, described by technote FRS-218
  • Hotfix 1635, described by technote FRS-219
  • Hotfix 1638, described by technote FRS-220




After installation, FusionReactor's "About" page should identify itself as Revision: 3.0.2, Build: FR-HEAD.1315.12791.

~Hotfix FR 1640 – obf. (Stream: trunk, build 1315, SVN 12791)

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-222
Components: Logging
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 19/Aug/09 3:26 PM
Affects Version: 3.0.1
Fixed Version: 3.0.1
Server: Railo, Resin
Platform: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows Vista, Windows x64
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