[frs-250] FusionReactor automatic license activation fails when using a non-transparent proxy

Non-Transparent Proxies

A non-transparent web proxy is one that does not return an unchanged copy of a web page or web server response. You may encounter these

  • on a corporate intranet, where your IT department inserts an explanatory page detailing the use policy for blocking pages
  • on public wireless or dialup links, where the service provider changes the first response to their own page, in order to detail policy or allow the input of login details.

In these cases, FusionReactor's automatic license activation will not see the response from the activation server; rather, it will see the inserted response. It will read the status code as 200 OK but does not examine the contents of the page. The license will not be activated, but the manual activation page is also never shown to the user.

Obtaining the Manual Activation Page

In these cases, the user may perform a manual activation by entering the manual activation URL by hand.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-250
Components: License + Activation
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 14/Nov/11 10:59 AM
Affects Version: 4.0.0
Fixed Version: Pending
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