[frs-251] FusionReactor 4.0.x Release Notes

FusionReactor Rev. 4.0.x


Status: 17-APR-2012

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Key Issue Type Summary
FR2672 Bug Security Fix to prevent activating Cross Site Scripting Attacks (XSS) when displaying requests that contain XSS attacks
FR2682 Bug Fix to prevent "Corrupt Instance" appearing in the background during the update of an instance in the Instance Manager


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2661 Improvement Workaround to avoid a bug discovered in the Adobe JRun Connector (for IIS and Apache) that can lead to corrupt requests and high memory usage


Key Issue Type Summary
FR1706 Bug FusionReactor can consume too many file system resources under certain circumstances


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2615 Bug Text is truncated in Enterprise Dashboard
FR2616 Bug Using Enterprise Dashboard to collect data from versions prior to FR 4.0.6 causes immediate logout.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2538 New Feature Notifications should be visible on the ED
FR2548 New Feature Deadlock Plugin for Java
FR2527 New Feature Allow Request History and Slowest Requests to be cleared manually
FR2567 New Feature Enhance FRAPI to allow registration and deregistration of notifications
FR2528 New Feature Optionally exempt Requests from metrics and monitoring
FR2576 New Feature Notifications log file
FR2526 New Feature Implement Brute-Force Attack Protection for login mechanism
FR2531 Improvement The linux startup script should be capable of starting with a user whose shell is /usr/sbin/nologin
FR2591 Improvement Add JVM Native support for Java 7 (Vendor Oracle – not Sun)
FR2601 Known Issue Chrome: In Request Details, exempting a request which has already finished causes the browser to pause for a few seconds
FR2533 Bug Unix: Reinstalling FusionReactor causes the custom launcher to be wiped replaced with the I4J launcher
FR2553 Bug Apparently-healthy instances are sometimes flagged as "corrupt" in FRAM's Instance Manager
FR2555 Bug Mac: FR installer does not start FRAM
FR2562 Bug Lost Activations – increase the robustness of the activation procedure by checking permissions
FR2570 Bug Empty Groups seem to list notifications even though they have no server in them
FR2575 Bug Setup fails to open browser at end of installation process
FR2583 Bug Cookie output in response serializer does not contain the name of the cookie
FR2588 Bug System and Process CPU measurement is inaccurate on multiprocessor/multicore *nix systems


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2549 Bug Corrupt form submission on Railo


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2518 Bug FusionReactor external web server configuration no longer available
FR2520 Bug Finished requests can hold references to the request/response causing JRun-allocated memory to be held
FR2534 Bug FusionReactor causes 100% single-core occupancy when the port used by the internal web server is already bound
FR2539 Bug Slow networks can cause FusionReactor's internal web server to under-read HTTP requests (form submits)
FR2540 Bug Native manager can't open file to dump stack trace into – no stack traces available.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2501 Improvement Flash: instead of the "Get Flash Player" message, the flash component should remain blank
FR2499 Bug CP Restrictions: The "Back" button disappears after Add/Edit or Delete Restriction; on FRAM, the Delete restriction button doesn't work.
FR2502 Bug On webkit browsers, Manage Server -> Delete and Manage Groups -> Delete do not work.
FR2504 Bug "Transfer Exception" brings up empty Archive History window.
FR2508 Bug Request Logging should be enabled by default on Linux installations


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2496 Improvement The Unix installer should make clearer that the install user should be the same as the J2EE-container-running user
FR2466 Bug FR4 keeps deactivating on restart (corrupt license storage)
FR2470 Bug NullPointerException from FR after webapp is automatically reloaded
FR2476 Bug WebSphere: MethodNotFoundException loading OSGi bundles
FR2485 Bug Unstopped thread during redeploy on Tomcat
FR2488 Bug On redeploys of FR-monitored, plugins which require the OSGi timer fail.
FR2493 Bug All FR archive database files have their timestamps updated during rotation


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2435 Improvement Links to online documentation in the Windows Start Menu folder.
FR2454 Bug Long running requests have negative time values
FR2448 Bug JDBC bind params should be replaced when the statement starts, not finishes.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR1765 New Feature FusionAnalytics Connect
FR1769 New Feature Centralized Archive and Logging – Rotation
FR1766 New Feature Centralized Archive and Logging – Archiving
FR1796 New Feature FRAM's Instance Manager: Ability to edit instance configuration elements in instances
FR2046 New Feature OSGi-Based Plugins
FR2036 New Feature Plugin mechanism for contributing TOC sections and items, as well as pages
FR2028 New Feature Add new heartbeat log
FR1881 New Feature Ajax popup for Edit instance
FR2074 New Feature FRAPI-OSGi Event Bridge
FR2078 New Feature FRAPI-OSGi Event Bridge: Allow FRAPI clients to register a callback for named OSGi Events.
FR1993 New Feature Problem Reporting Mechanism. (Notifications)
FR1998 New Feature Include JRun -event log files in the log rotation
FR2022 New Feature Include ColdFusion log files in the log rotation
FR2035 New Feature Allow FRAPI clients to obtain a reference to, and delete, their own log
FR2081 New Feature Import current Help into the new documentation system
FR2087 New Feature Update ajax library, imagery
FR1904 New Feature AMF decoder enhancements for streaming AMF
FR1908 Improvement FA Connector Wizard and REST enhancements for 'out of the box' FA/Connect Setup
FR1954 Improvement FR UI Improvements
FR1975 Improvement Request CPU thread usage should use JMX Thread MBean if available
FR1984 Improvement Uninstalling FR without removing the instances cleanup
FR2009 Improvement Longest JDBC report: add 'date' column; add wrap button to go to rightmost column of the report
FR2021 Improvement Allow plugins to deregister themselves, becoming stopped and invisible
FR2048 Improvement FREC Installer changes for simplified ColdFusion Plugin
FR2065 Improvement FusionReactor: refresh icon data for uninstall panel
FR2072 Improvement Stream Metrics and JDBC Logging should be enabled by default in new FusionReactor instances
FR2075 Improvement Security improvements
FR2114 Improvement Instance Manager Configure FA Popup: Auto test targets
FR2122 Improvement FRAM add favicon
FR2140 Improvement Modify the style of FusionReactor so that it is more in line with FA & provides a "fresh" look for FR 4.0
FR2152 Improvement Update FusionReactor Display Information
FR2165 Improvement Log file viewers should display a more friendly message if the log file does not exist
FR2167 Improvement Warning alert should be displayed when CPU logging is turned on similar to when Request Capture is enabled
FR2179 Improvement Uninstaller: When removing instances if a server cannot be automatically stopped/started the uninstaler should not attempt to do so
FR2185 Improvement Using the FusionAnalytics favicon as a base, create a button for the FR Instance Manager, which wil replace the 'spanner' icon
FR2189 Improvement New logo for FRAM
FR2229 Improvement Help Manager
FR2236 Improvement FREC Update the icons used by FREC to the new ones used by FR
FR2249 Improvement Replace FR logos with new ones in FR + install projects
FR2260 Improvement FREC Logo Refresh
FR2293 Improvement Refresh OSGi container to Felix to 3.2.2
FR2295 Improvement Installer: Update the bundled jres + other dependencies to the latest version
FR1640 Bug Requests are logged to STDOUT instead to the request log file
FR1719 Bug Wrapped queries executes very slowly when the driver has an alternate DB server configured
FR1722 Bug AMF processor does not capture data when Request Capture is turned on
FR1734 Bug JDBC queries disappear from the interface when they have completed execution, but their result sets have not yet been closed.
FR1806 Bug Uploading a new license on an FR 4.0.0 install gives "null days left" and doesn't allow logins
FR1868 Bug Request Count of Server Group does not update
FR1897 Bug Instance Manager reports "Stopping Server…" for servers which are already stopped.
FR1919 Bug Error message should be displayed when FR is unable to add a server
FR1930 Bug Server scan search depth validation
FR1934 Bug ERROR [[/cfusion]] FusionReactor Exception: null on JBoss
FR1997 Bug Install4j 5: Uninstaller tells the user to restart computer
FR2031 Bug Chrome: Can't upload license (IllegalBlockSizeException)
FR2033 Bug Plugins Errors/Exceptions can cause the J2EE Engine startup to fail
FR2045 Bug Enterprise Dashboard links are broken
FR2058 Bug Automatic server scan & installation couldn't (re)start my CF instance
FR2069 Bug JDBC Prepared Statements do not handle setting 'null' as bind value correctly.
FR2097 Bug JRun zeros JULI log file handlers before shutting down FR – final log entries aren't written.
FR2206 Bug When modifying the internal web server port on the instance the instance manager still has the old port of the instance
FR2221 Bug FusionReactor corrupt configuration causes J2EE engine startup failure
FR2253 Bug IllegalBlockSizeException on CF8
FR2255 Bug Log messages not appearing in the UI
FR2261 Bug Can't add JBoss manually – FR seems to look for Adobe LiveCycle in this case
FR2291 Bug Can't kill or stack-trace threads containing "#"

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-251
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 09/May/12 6:48 PM
Affects Version: 4.0.0
Fixed Version: 4.0.0
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