[frs-253] Where are FusionReactor 4’s Manual Installer Packages?

The manual install packages (Linux RPM, Windows ZIP, Generic Manual Installer and Generic Update) have been discontinued.

Because of the changes in structure with FusionReactor 4, including an extended folder structure for instances and more comprehensive configuration, it's no longer possible for us to supply manual installs or updates. The changes and customization required for each update would be too great to perform reliably by hand.


Instead of installing FusionReactor directly into your J2EE container (e.g. ColdFusion), you now use FRAM to do this. FRAM, the lightweight Administration Manager, now takes care of individual installs in its Instance Manager, which is now available to both Enterprise and Standard customers.


Most of our customers used the manual installer because they were running on Linux or Unix servers, and didn't have X-Windows available to provide a GUI.

Some customers used manual installs because our installer didn't recognize their J2EE server.

In the first case, we've added full command-line capability to the installer – just start it with the -c option in a terminal login – no GUI required.

sudo ./FusionReactor_linux_4_0_0.sh -c

In the second case, try the following:

  • In FRAM's Instance Manager, have it scan exactly the folder in which your J2EE container is installed.
  • If it's still not found, try to add it as a supported server using the Add Server form at the top of the Instance Manager.

If, after that, it's still not found…

Last-Resort Manual Install

Firstly, please get in touch with us. We'd love to know what server you're having trouble with so we can add it to a future release of FusionReactor. FusionReactor conforms to the J2EE Servlet/Filter specification, so it can be made to run on almost all J2EE containers – we just have to add the right code to the Instance Manager to detect them.

Secondly, there is a procedure for performing a manual install. If you are trying to update a pre-4.0 manually-installed version of FusionReactor, you'll have to uninstall it first, then get started with the procedure.

The manual install for FR4 is outlined in FRS-252.

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