[frs-263] Hotfix FR-2448: JDBC Prepared Statement bind parameters should be replaced at statement start

Hotfix 2448 for FusionReactor 4.0.0 – Description

This technote supplies a hotfix to fix an issue whereby a currently-running JDBC prepared statement would be displayed within FusionReactor with parameter binding locations displayed as ?, rather than their bound values.


With long-running prepared statements which are being tracked by the FusionReactor JDBC Driver Wrapper, you may see the text of the statement still contain the binding placeholder markers ('?') character. This usually manifests itself in the "Currently Running Statement" display.


The issue is caused by the order in which FusionReactor replaces the template text, containing the question-mark character, with statement text containing the actual parameters bound to those markers. This is actually done when the statement is closed.

Statements may not be closed for a period of time for a number of reasons:

  • The prepared statement runs for a long time, either by design or SQL error
  • The underlying pooling framework, or Object-Relational Mapping provider, chooses to keep the statement open for strategy reasons, because it wishes to reuse it, possibly with new bindings.
  • A bug in client code has left a resultset unclosed, forcing the associated statement to remain open.


Customers with FusionReactor 4.0.0 only should apply the attached Hotfix 2448, which resolves this issue.

Instructions for applying the hotfix are supplied in instructions.txt within the hotfix zip file.

Hotfixes are cumulative: any future hotfixes on the FusionReactor 4.0.x stream, up to but not including the next minor point release (4.1.0), will contain this hotfix (and all earlier hotfixes since the last point release).

Included Hotfixes

  • None.




After installation, FusionReactor's "About" page should identify itself as Revision: 4.0.1, Build: FusionReactor 4.0.x Maintenance Branch.9.22245.

~Hotfix FR 2448- obf. (Stream: REL4 maintenance branch, build 9, SVN 22245)

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-263
Components: JDBC
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 13/Sep/11 3:09 PM
Affects Version: 4.0.0
Fixed Version: 4.0.1
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