[frs-28] When I use the ‘Redirect to URL’ Survival Strategy, why do I sometimes receive a server error instead of the redirection target?

This is usually caused by a redirect URL which points to the same ColdFusion MX or J2EE container which is being monitored by Crash Protection. There are two possible scenarios in which this error can occur:

  1. When using the 'Abort and Notify' protection method, FusionReactor will abort the thread in which the errant request is running. Occasionally, J2EE containers (JRun in particular) will not detect that this thread has been aborted and will pick it again to run your redirection target page, causing an error. The exact type of this error can vary (IllegalStateException, OutOfMemoryError etc.)

  2. If the system is below Crash Protection margins, and you have set an 'Abort' protection method, FusionReactor may abort the request in which your redirection target is being run in order to try to keep the system alive.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-28
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Last Updated: 25/Jun/07 1:03 PM
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