[frs-305] Adjusting the FRAM Communications HTTP Client Timeout

This technote describes a feature available in FusionReactor 4.5.3 or greater. Customers with versions prior to that are unable to use this feature.


FusionReactor 4.5.3 introduces a configurable timeout value for sockets opened by the FRAM communications module. These sockets are used by FusionReactor instances to transfer archive requests to FRAM when the log archive mode is set to Send to targets by FRAM.

If this is the case, the instance opens a connection to FRAM and transfers the archive request, together with a FusionAnalytics transfer request (if applicable) to it.

In versions prior to 4.5.3, this connection would not time out, making it resilient to slow networks but causing instance worker threads to become busy if any problems occurred during the connection.


In version 4.5.3, we have set a default timeout of 4 minutes. This should be long enough to allow to overcome any network issues, but short enough to allow processing to continue should anything occur to stop FRAM processing a request.

It is possible to adjust this value yourself by adding the key httpclient.timeout to the instance's reactor.conf, being very careful not to alter any other keys. The value supplied is in milliseconds, and the default is 240,000 (4 minutes).

  1. Stop FRAM and the instance
  2. Backup reactor.conf to a safe place.
  3. Edit reactor.conf and add the key httpclient.timeout at the end of the file, with an appropriate value.
    • Example for a 30-second timeout: httpclient.timeout=30000
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart FRAM and the instance.

Warning: this value governs the timer which monitors socket activity. If this value is too small, the timer will time out too quickly, causing a false positive. Since no socket activity occurs during archive, we do not recommend making this value smaller than 1 minute (60000ms).

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-305
Components: FRAM, FusionAnalytics Connector
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 20/Feb/13 3:34 PM
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Fixed Version: 4.5.3
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