[frs-306] FusionReactor 4.5.3 Setup on MacOS does not set owner of files


Users who have installed version 4.5.3 of FusionReactor on MacOS may not be able to start and stop the FusionReactor daemon (framd) due to a bug in the Setup.
The owner and group of the installed files is not set to the user and group that have been defined during the Setup. The daemon control script (typically /Applications/FusionReactor/tomcat/bin/framd) does not work, as it contains an unresolved pattern (SCRIPT_HERE) which is normally resolved during the installation process.

When the Setup has finished it does per default start the framd daemon and open the FusionReactor Administrator web application in a new web browser window. However, the framd daemon runs as root user which means that any instances added to target servers are owned by root afterwards.


If no instances have been added yet you can run the 4.5.4 Setup which will

  • update FusionReactor to version 4.5.4
  • change the user and group of all files under the installation directory (typically /Application/FusionReactor) to the correct values (which have been specified during the 4.5.3 Setup)
  • patches the framd daemon control script so that the process runs under the defined user afterwards

Alternatively you can manually apply the required changes:

  • stop the FusionReactor process (e.g. using the kill command)
  • do a sudo chown -R nobody:bin /Applications/FusionReactor to set the correct file ownership (please replace nobody and bin with the values matching your environment)
  • Open the framd daemon control script with an editor and replace the line


    INSTALL4J_JAVA_PREFIX="sudo -u nobody "

    assuming your runtime user is nobody

  • restart FusionReactor with the command
    sudo /Application/FusionReactor/tomcat/bin/framd start

When choosing the user and group under which the framd daemon process will run please consider that this user must have read and write permissions to the target server files.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-306
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 26/Mar/13 11:33 AM
Affects Version: 4.5.3
Fixed Version: 4.5.4
Platform: MacOS
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