[frs-308] How does data travel to the mobile app? Which firewall ports do I need to open?


Metric data travels to the mobile app in one of two possible routes depending on the specific metric. The initial connection is made from the mobile app to an instance hosting an enterprise dashboard – typically this is one of your FRAM instances which by default runs on TCP port 8087.

The list of instances/groups to be displayed and their high-level metrics (eg are they up, how long for, current heap memory state, etc) are all retrieved directly from the dashboard host (eg FRAM).

Detailed, instance specific metrics (eg system metrics charts, list of running requests, etc) are all retrieved by the mobile application directly from that instance.

Therefore, the mobile application must be able to connect to the listening ports of a) the dashboard host (eg FRAM on 8087) and b) each instance you want to be able to see detailed metrics for (eg FR on 8088+)


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