[frs-387] Problems activating FusionReactor due to different MAC addresses

FusionReactor uses the MAC address to identifying the number of servers that are used by a license.
Due to this licensing model, many customers encounter problems activating their valid FusionReactor instances.

There are numbers of reasons customers encounter this issue.

  • Using many Virtual Machines, which will have the same host name but different MAC addresses will cause the customer to run out of server seats.
  • If FusionReactor is not correctly removed from your server old server activation's can remain in portal, taking up server seats that may be needed for a new server.
  • If a server is running any Anti Virus or Network managing software that can change MAC addresses activation's may have different MAC addresses attached to them, causing some of the instances not to activate.
  • If a server has components such as the network card replaced, when the instance reconnects it will have a new MAC address, this instance will not activate unless there is another server seat available.
  • If a server is using a network card with multiple ports, or multiple network cards are being used within the server instances can be assigned different MAC addresses, if you do not have enough server seats available then some instances may not activate.
  • If your production configuration requires multiple machines to have the same MAC addresses the activation could will not be correct in portal.

Possible workarounds to this issue are:

  • If multiple Virtual Machines are being used then the server count on a license will have to be increased or all the servers will have to be moved to a single Virtual Machine.
  • If FusionReactor's not removed correctly then either FusionReactor support or the customer will have to login into Portal and manually delete the old activations.

We plan to fix this issue by revising our license model to use the hostname rather than the mac address to identify the number of active servers on a licence.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-387
Components: License + Activation
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 15/Apr/16 11:11 AM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 6.x
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