[FRS-409] Upgrade FusionReactor 4.x to 6.2.x


The technote will guide users during the upgrade process of FusionReactor 4.x to the latest version available. The technote contains a number of screenshots that will guide readers through the upgrade process.

More details about FusionReactor 6.2.x

There has been many improvements made since the release of FusionReactor 3.x and 4.x. One important improvement has to do with the JDBC datasources. In FusionReactor 3.x, 4.x, there was a need to wrap the JDBC datasources, however, after FusionReactor 5.x this is not needed for that as this is done automatically.

Please Note: If any datasources are wrapped, they should be unwrapped prior to the upgrade process.

More information about the improvements can also be found in the following link, https://www.fusion-reactor.com/tag/frs-323/

Upgrade process

This section will guide users through the upgrade process of FusionReactor 4.0.8 to the latest version available 6.2.5.

In case you want to get a copy of the latest version available, please visit the FusionReactor website, https://www.fusion-reactor.com/download/ OR if you have a FusionReactor Portal account, navigate to the Downloads section and get a copy of the latest version. The FusionReactor Portal can be found here, https://portal.fusion-reactor.com/.

For this example we have used the following;

  • Windows Server 2008 64 bit
  • ColdFusion 9
  • FusionReactor 4.0.8

Let's start the upgrade process.

Step 1: Prepare your environment for the upgrade

I have already installed FusionReactor 4.0.8 in my environment and I have installed a FusionReactor instance (ColdFusion 9) via the Instance Manager. See screenshot below.

Please make sure that all the following are done prior to the update process.

  1. Remove the existing JDBC wrappers.
  2. Remove the fusionreactor.drive.jar file in case you have a ColdFusion 10 server manually installed.
  3. Create separate jvm.config files if you have a ColdFusion 8/9 Multi server environment.
  4. Uninstall FusionReactor Extension (FREC) in case the FREC plugin is currently installed.

For more detailed information, please read carefully the following technote, https://www.fusion-reactor.com/support/kb/FRS-316/

Step 2: Execute the latest FusionReactor installer

If you have followed all the instructions and tips from the technote above, then you should be able to continue with the upgrade process and by executing the latest installer.

During the execution of the latest installer, you will be notified about any changes that are going to be implemented in your environment.
Notification Message

Important Note

If you are ready, please tick the check box "I confirm I have read the upgrade notes", and continue with the process.

The installer should notify you if the process was successful. See screenshot below.

Step 3: Access the FRAM instance

If the upgrade process was successful, you should be able to access the FRAM instance via the browser and by typing localhost:8087. In case you have changed the default port that FRAM uses, please make sure that the configured port is changed as well.
FRAM instance

Please make sure that the Revision version has changed to 6.2.5.

Also, please make sure that a valid username and password is provided and login to the FRAM instance.

Step 4: Activate the FRAM instance

It's important to state, that versions prior to 5.x, used a license key file, however, this has changed now and you should activate all your FusionReactor instances only by pasting a valid license key string in the "Insert New License Key" area. See screenshot below.

Please click the "Apply" button and activate your license key.

In case you don't have an internet connection on that box, please follow the manual license activation process described in the following documentation, https://intergral.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=41059191

When the license key has been activated, you will be redirected to the Instance Manager page. See screenshot below.

Step 5: Update the FusionReactor Instances

The next step is to update all the FusionReactor instances. This section will guide you through that process.
In the Instance Manager page you will notice that all your FusionReactor instances are still using the 4.0.8 version of FusionReactor. In order to update the FusionReactor Instances, please click the update icon (small arrow) and follow the Configuration wizard.

Configuration Wizard
  1. Press the update icon (small arrow) and the Configuration Instance Wizard will appear.
  2. Click the "Next" button if you are happy with the default settings and go to the Enterprise Dashboard settings. There you will have the ability to add the FusionReactor instance to the Enterprise Dashboard or not.
  3. Click the "Next" button and go the final settings.
  4. If you are happy with all the settings, press the "Confirm" button.
    The update process won't take long and if everything went as expected, you should be able to see something similar to the screenshot below.
Step 6: Access the FusionReactor Instance

You can access the FusionReactor Instance by pressing the URL under the "Link" field in the Instance Manager and you should be able to see something similar to screenshot below.

Make sure that you have provided a valid password for the FusionReactor instance and access FusionReactor. If the login process was successful, you should be able to see something similar to the following screenshot.

FusionReactor 3.5 and above

In case you are using FusionReactor 3.5 and lower, the BEST upgrade process is to uninstall FusionReactor and then install the latest version available.

Useful information can also be found in the following technote, https://www.fusion-reactor.com/support/kb/FRS-316/.

It is recommended that you follow the technote instructions first and then uninstalling FusionReactor 3.x. Please keep in mind that this will not remove all of the wrapped datasources and if you don't unwrap the datasources, FusionReactor 6.x should still WORK. If any problems occur, then it's also recommend unwrapping the datasources.

If you have any issues or questions with regards to the update process, please feel free to contact the FusionReactor Support Team on the following email:support@fusion-reactor.com

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