[frs-42] My server is running out of disk space! How do I remove the files created by Request Capture

Check the Request Capture options on the Request Setting Page. Request Capture is very powerful but it can use a lot of disk space quickly as it captures the entire request (and when configured also the response) into XML files for you to analyze.

Please go to the Request Setting Page and disable Request Capture. Then remove the directory where the serializer has been creating request xml files (do not go into this folder as Windows will take a very long time to open it). The folder is usually located:

{{C:FusionReactorinstancecoldfusion.cfmx7.<your machine name>}/serializer}

Note: Windows does not handle folders containing a large number of files very well. If you open folders in Windows Explorer that contain large numbers of files, Windows can appear to hang for a long period of time. It is recommended to remove and recreate the Request Capture folder by performing the following steps:

  1. Open a DOS shell (cmd.exe) window – Run… cmd.exe
  2. Change Directory to the directory above the request capture serialzer folder, for example
    > cd C:FusionReactorinstancecoldfusion.cfmx7.server1 – replace the last part of the path with the correct server folder
  3. Remove the serializer directory, which will also delete all of the files in the directory. Warning this command deletes sub directories and files. Make sure you are in the correct folder
    > rmdir /s serializer
  4. Recreate the serializer directory
    > mkdir serializer

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