[FRS-435] Upgrading to the ultimate edition of FusionReactor with a manual installation


In this technote we are going to guide you through the process required when you upgrade to the ultimate edition of FusionReactor 6 or 7.

As you may be aware the Ultimate, Developer and Trial editions of FusionReactor have the Debug Capabilities within FusionReactor. These debug capabilities do however require an additional java argument in the form of the agentpath.

Adding the required Java argument

To add the Java agent you are required to Edit your JVM config file for your application server.

An example agentpath argument would look like: -agentpath:/opt/fusionreactor/instance/tomcat/libfrjvmti_x64.so

  • For ColdFusion this can be done in the Administration Console or by editing the config file in a text editor.
  • For Tomcat this can be done in the Windows service configuration or by editing the setenv file within a text editor.
  • For a list of how to configure each application server see Manual Installation – Application Server Examples

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