[FRS-436] FR compression makes ColdFusion Admin (built-in web server) slow


This technote will provide you with more information and a workaround for a potential performance issue when using the Compression feature of FusionReactor, alongside the ColdFusion Administrator that is deployed within the built-in web server.

More Details about the Issue

If you are using ColdFusion 2016 the administrator is deployed within the built-in web server by default. You can also configure the administrator to be deployed within the web server in ColdFusion 10 & 11.

When the Compression feature is acting upon the ColdFusion administrator you are susceptible to very slow performance loading the pages of the administration panel.

If you are not using the built-in web server, you should not experience this issue.


To stop this performance issue you can add URL restrictions to the Compression -> Exclude URLs page.

The restrictions required must use regex matching with the patterns:

  • /CFIDE/(.*)
  • /cf_scripts/(.*)

Here is an example configuration for the exclude URLs.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-436
Components: Compression
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: Today 3:12 PM
Affects Version: 7.0.0
Fixed Version: Pending
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