[FRS-437] Issues debugging Lucee 5.1.2 & above with FusionReactor when files are recompiled

Details About the Issue

There is a known issue with hitting Source File / Line Number breakpoints in the FusionReactor Debugger with Lucee 5.1.2 & above.

We believe this is due to changes in the Lucee engine with the compiler. Classes that are recompiled into the Lucee engine will no longer trigger breakpoints. We believe this is because FusionReactor is no longer detecting updated files that have been loaded into the engine.


To workaround this issue you are required to Disable then Re-enable the breakpoint. This will rediscover the files within the JVM and allow you to trigger breakpoints again.

To Disable the breakpoint, press the 'Disable' button on the breakpoint. See screenshot below:

To Re-enable the breakpoint, press the 'Enable' button. See screenshot below:

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-437
Components: Production Debugger
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 28/Aug/17 12:53 PM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: Pending
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