[FRS-438] Source file / Line number breakpoints using the class name do not fire with Lucee 5 on Windows

Details about the Issue

There is a known issue when hitting Source File / Line Number breakpoints in the FusionReactor Debugger with Lucee 5 on Windows.

Breakpoints are sometimes not firing in Lucee 5 when using only the class name as the source file of the breakpoint.

This is the described method of debugging Lucee in the documentation:


To workaround this issue you are required to configure the breakpoint source file using the relative path name from the application root directory.

For example :

I currently have a breakpoint configured on the index.cfm file. There are Two instances of the index.cfm file in my application. However, we can see that the breakpoint is not installed on either these files.

We can however use a relative path to each file so that we are able to debug them.
My index.cfm files are located at:

  • MyApplication/directory1/index.cfm
  • MyApplication/directory2/subdirectory/index.cfm

We can configure the following breakpoints to debug each file.

The file configured in the breakpoint is the relative path from MyApplication.

A breakpoint will be required for each instance of the file within your application.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-438
Components: Production Debugger
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 28/Aug/17 12:52 PM
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