[frs-62] I’d like to see overall memory usage for the last 7 days, rather than the default of the last 12 hours. what is the largest History Size that you would recommend before performance becomes an issue?

The amount of information stored for each sample on these graphs is very small so the overhead should be minimal. Be aware that, if you store enough, you will still see a memory overhead.

There are a couple of ways of approaching this.

  • Increase the History size incrementally (eg 12h – 2d – 4d – 7d) and see what the knock on effects are.
  • Increase the History size but also increase the interval so that you are capturing at so that you more of an extended view but not as fine-grained.
  • Use the CPU/Memory logging. All of these values are available in the log files which you can control in terms of size and rotation number. The advantage here is that you do not need to use any extra memory. The format of the log file can be found in the on-line documentation: https://www.fusion-reactor.com/fr/help/help.htm#memory_log.htm

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