[frs-67] How can I restart a connection with a FusionReactor instance, without restarting the server?

You cannot restart FusionReactor without restarting the underlying J2EE server. However, you can reset your FusionReactor instance by entering http://IIS03B:8090/fusionreactor/freset.cfm. This does of course, only work if FusionReactor is up and running.

Another method is to try and access FusionReactor with the regular web server port: http://IIS03B:8301/fusionreactor/fhtml.cfm?mode=login or http://IIS03B:80/fusionreactor/fhtml.cfm?mode=login (if you have a web connector configured).

Try using your IP address instead of your hostname to see if that makes any differences, and also check that the web browser allows the use of Cookies. Try clearing the cookie cache if it still doesn't work.

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