[frs-79] How big should my History Size be set on a very busy site so I can see requests from the last minute?

These values are very difficult to predict on any site; some busy sites might have lots of complex pages and some may just have a few.

The recommend solution is a pragmatic approach of doubling the value and seeing if it meets you needs. If not, double it again and keep an eye on the system resources to see if thing are still in "green" according to your criteria.

It has been known that users who have history settings for example at 500 or 1000 requests which work fine for them. Although you can access all of the data in the log files so you don't need to have it all in the user interface.

The log files contain a much longer history and although they take more work to analyze, they will allow you to get data from events even when you were not around to see it.

NOTE: You might want to increase the log file sizes for a busy site so that you have a long period of time available. One word of warning; do NOT turn on the "Request Capture" feature on a busy site (at least for very long), because it captures the entire request (and response) and can run you out of disk space quickly.

Take a look at the following links for more information about the log files:

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