Is maintaining legacy code costing too much?

Deep code level insight into your monolithic apps can dramatically speed up issue identification time and save up to 80% of developer/support time

Zero in on precisely where your issue is and save hours

Improve the dev team’s productivity by finding issues faster in your legacy Java apps. FusionReactor on-premise is built to tackle legacy performance and coding issues faster than any other Java APM.

  • On-Premise or SaaS version available
  • Core monitoring for monolith apps, server and DB
  • 1-click root cause analysis

Reduce down-time by finding errors and exceptions by fixing code decay issues

An app running on Java 8 or earlier can quickly get buggy; dealing with code decay and technical debt can take up way too much time. Our legacy Java Monitor (APM) delivers you the telemetry to diagnose issues deep within your application

  • Transaction metrics to help you to find performance issues or errors at the code level
  • Resource metrics that enable you to troubleshoot and tune the Java 8 or any legacy Java environment

Deep dive observability in an On-prem Java monitoring solution

Our legacy Java Monitoring tool allows you to go deeper into your data than any other Java APM. Our on-prem APM tool is specifically built to find performance issues in monolith Java applications. Profiling tools within our on-premise solution enable you to find performance issues in your legacy java app or server. FusionReactor On-Prem goes deeper into the code, thread, and memory than any other on-prem APM.

  • Find deadlocks & thread contention Issues
  • Instantly profile or stack trace an individual thread to pinpoint performance, deadlock, and thread contention issues

Find database problems before they affect your customer

See issues across all of the databases that are connected to your Java 8 or older application

  • Find database performance issues
  • Deep visibility in your database

Reduce time spent dealing with technical debt by instantly seeing why your Java code is breaking

If you are running Java 8 or older then FusionReactor will constantly monitor Java apps and will instantly deliver you all the data you need at the moment the exception is fired

  • complete source code
  • stack trace
  • variable
  • environment state

Our customers tell us that they typically find and fix errors in legacy apps in just 2 – 4 hours.

Rolling FusionReactor customer survey 2020-2021

Our customers identify issues in under 4 hours

36% of developers have to solve performance problems every single week and they spend between 11 and 30 hours to actually identify the problem

Survey results from DZone Performance Guide