Setting up and Using the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard

Webinar Information

Date: 05th April 2017
Duration: 60 Minutes
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

For users of FusionReactor Enterprise or Ultimate (or the Trial or Developer editions), it’s possible to setup an Enterprise Dashboard (ED) which can watch any number of FusionReactor instances (Enterprise/Ultimate/Trial/Dev) in a single screen (and optionally from a separate server from your monitored instances).

In this webinar, veteran troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will demonstrate first how the ED lets you watch the overall health of one or many FR instances, how you can choose to see a subset of metrics about a monitored instance, or how you can drill down into the more detailed FR UI for a given instance. We’ll then discuss the implementation and configuration of the ED, including how and where it can be implemented (pros and cons of various choices), and how to add instances to the ED (whether automatically or manually), and how multiple instances can be “grouped’ within the ED for still better manageability.

The FR Enterprise Dashboard also reacts to when a monitored instance becomes unresponsive, and we’ll see demonstrations first of how it indicates visually the overall health of the monitored instance(s), as well as how it can be configured to send an email notification of when an instance becomes unresponsive. The ED can even be configured to restart an unresponsive instance (and the determination of when a server is deemed unresponsive is itself configurable, as we’ll see).

For folks with multiple monitored FR instances, the ED is a powerful tool to more effectively observe and manage those instances, all from a single screen.

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