Troubleshooting Database Performance Issues with FusionReactor

Webinar Information

Date: 07th March 2018
Duration: 60 Mins Minutes
Time: 10AM Eastern
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

Have you ever wondered if database performance issues were killing your web applications? Whether running CFML or Java apps (FR can monitor both), did you know that FusionReactor lets you view the JDBC activity for every request? You can see the SQL in queries (select, insert, update, delete, etc.) as well as stored procedure calls, and the arguments to either of those types. You can also see JDBC activity you may not code yourself, such as the SQL underlying ORM calls, or the client variable database processing in ColdFusion or Lucee.

In this webinar, veteran troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will guide you through the various aspects of how FR can watch every query, including how such monitoring is filtered by default and can be configured to suit your needs. He’ll show you the various places JDBC activity is tracked in the FR web interface (including powerful aggregation across and within applications), as well as how it is tracked in Crash Protection alert emails, and how such activity is tracked in the FR logs (on an aggregate basis per request, or even logging individual slow queries).   You can even optionally have FR track the query plan created by your DB server for each query!

Armed with such information, you can better understand either hangups or slowdowns that may be caused by database activity. And while FusionReactor has no insight into what’s going on IN your database or database server, specifically, it can arm you with evidence of when it detects slowness, so that you can present more factual information to work with DBAs, if indeed it helps clarify that a problem is in fact in the database.

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