Troubleshooting with FR, part 1: What has just happened on my server?

Webinar Information

Date: 30th January 2019
Duration: 40 mins Minutes
Time: 10am EST
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

Troubleshooting with FR, part 1: What has just happened on my server?

In this session, the first of 3 parts, we will focus on using the key aspects of FR related to finding what is or had been going on recently in a given server/instance. And whereas some folks tend to presume that problems are due to resource issues like high use of memory or cpu constraints, often it’s more important to step back first and look at the overall state of request and transaction processing, which may give real insight into the nature of problems (or indeed to confirm where there IS a problem, even when users or other monitors are reporting problems).

As such, this session will focus on making the most of these key features in FusionReactor:

– Web Metrics
– Request history (recent, slow, and longest)
– Requests error history
– CPU, memory and garbage collection information

There can be many explanations for WHY requests are slow or WHY resource usage is high. We will delve into additional features to better understand that in later parts of the series. In this first session, the goal is to get a clear understanding of the overall nature of problems, before diving into their causes.

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