Troubleshooting with FR, part 2: Why are requests/transactions running slowly?

Webinar Information

Date: 14th February 2019
Duration: 40 Minutes
Time: 10am EST
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart
In the previous session of this series, we took a broad view at how FusionReactor can help you understanding what is or has been going on recently in your server/instance, especially in terms of request or transaction processing.
In this session, we will delve into using aspects of FusionReactor to help understand WHY requests or transactions are running slowly. There are some aspects which stand out quite clearly to explain a slow request, if you know where to look. As such, we will cover FR features like:
– Request details
– JDBC processing within requests
– Other monitored relations/transaction types within requests
– JDBC history over all requests and applications (recent, slow, longest, and errors)
That said, some problems will remain elusive, because they have to do with a request doing something that is not so clearly identified with these features. In part 3, we will move on to using features of FR that can be used in such cases.

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