Troubleshooting with FR, part 3: When requests are slow for less obvious reasons

Webinar Information

Date: 28th February 2019
Duration: 60 Minutes
Time: 10am EST
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

In the previous session of this series, we looked at the features of FusionReactor that generally make it easy to see why a request or transaction is slow, but we acknowledged that sometimes those features don’t identify the reason.

In this session we will look at a few of the features of FusionReactor that can be used to understand some less obvious reasons for slowness:

– Stack tracing requests
– Profiling requests
– CPU sampler
– Memory profiler

As useful as these features can be, they do all require that FR be running at the time of the hangup. What can you do when you are not able to get to FR during a hangup? Or if you are looking at it after a restart? We will cover that in the final part of this series

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