What’s new in FusionReactor 7 and 7.1

Webinar Information

Date: 18th January 2018
Duration: 60 Mins Minutes
Time: 10:00AM ET
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

In this webinar you’ll learn about what’s new in FusionReactor 7 and 7.1. Did you know there were 20+ completely new core features and 100+ major improvements and bug fixes? Obviously we can’t chronicle them all, but if you are either moving to the latest release of FR or have been running on it, you’ll learn about many of the key benefits. Among the new features covered will be the new CPU and heap profiling, thread visualization, JMX metric monitoring, AWS cloudwatch integration, support for more frameworks, and more.

Among the enhancements we will discuss are enhanced tracking of request errors and calls to external resources, improvements to the interactive step debugger, auto detection of datasource names, and more. FusionReactor 7 also marked the production release of FusionReactor Cloud, and we will conclude with a brief introduction to that (covered already in another full webinar earlier in 2017).

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