[FRS-434] Direct links to download the latest version of FusionReactor

[FRS-465] Performance issue with Redis session management on Adobe ColdFusion servers with FusionReactor or Adobe Performance Monitoring Toolset (PMT)
[FRS-443] FR Cloud – Subtransaction Culling

Using the new download location for FusionReactor, you will guarantee to always download the latest available version of FusionReactor for your platform.

We highly recommend you use this link if possible, particularly if you are using automatic deployment tools or spun up virtual machines. You can then ensure you have all the latest features and bug fixes available to you and avoid the hassle of manually updating all your instances.

Download files are now found here

The links for each platform are listed below:
Manual Installation files
FusionReactor Single Jar – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/fusionreactor.jar
Debug Native Libraries – https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/intergral-dl/FR/Latest/debuglibs.zip
Debug Library for Windows (frjvmti_x64.dll) – https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/intergral-dl/FR/Latest/frjvmti_x64.dll
Debug Library for Mac OS (libfrjvmti_x64.dylib) – https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/intergral-dl/FR/Latest/libfrjvmti_x64.dylib
Debug Library for Linux (libfrjvmti_x64.so) – https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/intergral-dl/FR/Latest/libfrjvmti_x64.so

FusionReactor Full Installer (Mac OS) – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/FusionReactor_macos.dmg
FusionReactor Full Installer (Linux 64 bit) – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/FusionReactor_linux-x64.sh
FusionReactor Full Installer (Windows 64 bit) – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/FusionReactor_windows-x64.exe
Pre Configured No JRE (Unix) – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/FusionReactor_unix_nojre.tar.gz
Pre Configured No JRE (Windows) – https://intergral-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/FR/Latest/FusionReactor_windows_nojre.zip

To find the exact version of FusionReactor is the latest, you can download the version.json file
You can download this file at https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/intergral-dl/FR/Latest/version.json

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Resolution Fixed
Last Updated 2020-01-20T16:53:29.587+0000
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