Download the Latest Version of FusionReactor

Linux, macOS and Windows Supported

Getting started with FusionReactor is easy

Installation is really easy and takes no longer than a few minutes! If you need help, then we have a full set of helpful videos.  If you need to speak to someone, then contact support and they’ll be happy to help.

Observability Agent – Your all-in-one data collector!

The lightweight and efficient Observability Agent is designed to gather and forward metrics, logs, and other time-series data from various sources to FusionReactor. The Observability Agent replaces the traditional approach of using multiple data collectors and consolidates their functionalities into a single solution. If you’re running in Cloud, the Observability Agent enables you to build a comprehensive monitoring and observability solution with minimal configuration.

To download and run the installer:


curl -O -L ""

chmod a+x ""`

sudo /bin/bash path/to/


Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "observability-agent-autoconf.ps1"

Legacy versions

Here you can find information, including documentation, download files, and support-related information for older versions of FusionReactor APM

FusionReactor 8.8x

FusionReactor 7.4x

FusionReactor 6.2x

FusionReactor 5.2x

FusionReactor 4.5x