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FusionReactor is a Hybrid monitor, it always comes as On-Premise, but we also offer a Cloud interface. If you have an FR Cloud account, then metric and alerts will be sent to the cloud as well as locally.
FusionReactor Cloud does NOT replace FusionReactor On-Premise – it extends the feature set.

FR Cloud offers some cool additional features and capability, such as extended data retention, tracing, configurable metric graphs and powerful alerting.

The software (Agent) is THE SAME – so you still need to download the installer/software below. If you want to try the Hybrid solution, just click on Start Free Cloud Trial

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2. Download FusionReactor software

Step 1: Download FusionReactor (8.0.0 - 20th February 2019)

Download the installer for your server platform from the table below:

Mac OS (OSX)

FusionReactor MD5's

Step 1: Download the FusionReactor JAR (8.0.0 - 20th February 2019)

FusionReactor Single JARFR Single JAR


Step 2: Download the Required Debug Libraries

If you're using FR6 Ultimate you are required to download the debug libraries for the production debugger tool. If you're on Standard or Enterprise you can skip this step!

Debug Libraries (Required for Ultimate)Debug Libs

FusionReactor MD5's

3. Start monitoring


FusionReactor Single JAR Installation

Performing a manual FusionReactor installation is really quick and takes no longer than a few minutes. Check out how to do it below:

Performing a manual installation? See the Manual Installation Guide

More details on the different Installation Methods

fusion reactor enterprise dashboard

Download FusionReactor Air Dashboard – Seamless desktop integration

FusionReactor AIR Dashboard is a FREE desktop extension to our FusionReactor Enterprise Server Monitor and presents the ideal way to keep track and monitor your servers directly from your desktop

FusionReactor AIR 1.0.4 – 9th September 2015
Download AIR Dashboard

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