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Review our catalogue of past webinars to  learn how to use FusionReactor to find and  fix Java application issues, If there are any subjects that you would like us to cover please let us know on Twitter @fusion_reactor

Setting up and Using the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard
Ran: 05th April 2017Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 60 mins
For users of FusionReactor Enterprise or Ultimate (or the Trial or Developer editions), it’s possible to setup an Enterprise Dashboard (ED) which can watch any number of FusionReactor instances (Enterprise/Ultimate/Trial/Dev) in a single screen (and optionally from a separate server from your monitored instances).
Troubleshooting and Identifying Issues using FusionReactor 6 – Part I
Ran: 01st March 2017Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 63 mins
Join us for Troubleshooting and Identifying Issues using FusionReactor 6. FusionReactor is an invaluable asset to have when trying to resolve application issues. Join us as we explore how you can find and fix you application issues with FusionReactor
Getting the most out of FusionReactor Ultimate – Identifying the “most elusive” issues
Ran: 15th February 2017Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 60 mins
Join us as we explore how to use FusionReactor Ultimate to identify and fix application issues that you would not usually be able to find an application performance monitor. Without hours or even days of work going through logs. This webinar is recommended for users of all abilities and is a perfect introduction or refresh on how to use FusionReactor to fix your application issues.
FusionReactor CLOUD
Ran: 09th February 2017Presented by: David TattersallDuration: 60 mins
FusionReactor CLOUD moves FusionReactor from being an on-premise monitor into a Hybrid monitoring solution - extending FR's feature set to enhance the monitoring, historic data analysis and alerting capability to new levels. Join us to learn what FusionReactor CLOUD has to offer, how it's positioned within the Fusion product portfolio (compared to FusionReactor and FusionAnalytics) and gain an insight into the future product roadmap.
Post Crash Trouble Shooting with FusionReactor
Ran: 26th January 2017Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 60 mins
Most people think to use FusionReactor to troubleshoot a problem WHILE it’s happening (looking at slow requests and queries, etc.), but they may find that once their instance (of CF, Lucee, or a Java server) has crashed/restarted, they can’t see anything in FusionReactor about what went on BEFORE that crash/restart...
Configuring FusionReactor for ACTION
Ran: 14th December 2016Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 61 mins
So you have installed FusionReactor now what …? In this webinar we will be showing you how to get FusionReactor configured and ready for action. We will be covering the more advanced settings and features in FusionReactor. Along with showing you how to you can get to the root of the problem as fast as possible to resolve your Java application issues.
Getting Started with FusionReactor
Ran: 06th December 2016Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 45 mins
Do you have Java Application issues and are not sure what to do next, or are you simply new to FusionReactor?
Hidden Gems in FusionReactor 6
Ran: 26th October 2016Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 60 mins
In this webinar, we focus on the newest release of FusionReactor, FusionReactor 6. As with the other webinar, whether you are new to FR6 or have been using it (or one of its many point release updates) since it came out in Nov 2015, there are lots of hidden gems in every FusionReactor release and its updates which can make it still more useful for you.
Hidden Gems in FusionReactor
Ran: 05th October 2016Presented by: Charlie ArehartDuration: 70 mins
Are you a long-time (or even a new) user of FusionReactor? Whether you’re on the latest release (6) or an earlier one, there are lots of hidden gems in FusionReactor that can make it so much more useful for you, whether it’s about some useful settings you should consider enabling, or some helpful information it can report. Some people go years of using it and miss some fundamental aspects of FR that give it unique strength.