APM with Real time monitoring

Get deep visibility of how users experience your application & fix issues fast

Deliver Better Software Faster

  • Spend less time fixing issues and finding bottlenecks
  • The telemetry to diagnose issues within your app or server
  • Transaction metrics to help you to find performance issues or errors at the code level
  • Resource metrics that enable you to troubleshoot and tune the Java environment
  • Find Memory leaks or starvation instantly

The Health of Your Application

  • Track down memory usage of the JVM and track down which transactions are consuming the most time
  • Track the state of installations across all of your servers
  • Perfect for dynamic scaling and virtualized servers such as Docker or Kubernetes

Detail of Your Server-Transactions in an APM

  • A detailed view of your server activity
  • See what is running
  • Insight into what needs to be optimized or fixed

Issues within your app or server

  • Our APM delivers a combination of metrics, profiles, logs, and code to enable you to quickly understand and diagnose issues on your application or your server
  • The ability to create profiles and graphs based on any of the core metrics captured
  • Create custom views and data to highlight potential issues and areas for improvement

See How to Analyze Real-Time and Historical Data

With FusionReactor APM you can diagnose both live and historic issues with our powerful metrics engine, find out more