FusionReactor Developer Edition – your new best friend

FusionReactor Developer Edition lets you measure performance, isolate issues and improve quality – before you deploy your applications to production

FusionReactor Developer Edition

With the introduction of FusionReactor Developer Edition, we’re providing a tool which can be used in development and test environments (*) to help you to pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks before applications are deployed to production.

The Developer Edition has all the same features as the FusionReactor Ultimate Edition, including the debugger, code profiler, memory profiler, thread profiler and Event Snapshots. You can see all of the features available in Ultimate here.

The Developer Edition is available as an annual subscription license, which means that you’re entitled to all updates and upgrades of the product as long as you have a valid license.
Each physical or virtual server requires one FusionReactor Developer license – all of the instances which are installed on that server are covered by the single license.

(*) FusionReactor Developer Edition Usage Policy (EULA)

FusionReactor Developer Edition enables you to develop, test, evaluate and analyze applications which are running in a non-production environment. The Developer Edition may not be used to monitor an application which is running in a live or stand-by production environment or staging environment, in each case, including, without limitation, in any environment accessed by application end- users, including, but not limited to, servers, workstations, kiosks, and mobile computers.