FusionReactor Price – 1 Server = 1 License – it’s that simple

Plus, you can choose either Pay-as-you-Go SUBSCRIPTION or Pay-One-Time and OWN the software

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Optional extras: Premium Support  Training

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Stay flexible & pay as you go. Select ANNUAL and get 2 MONTHS FREE

On-Premise FusionReactor Price

Our on-premise FusionRector price allows you to pay once and own the software forever.  Our on Premise perpetual licence includes one years maintenance.

FusionReactor Cloud

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • $99Price Per Month/Server
  • On Premise Enterprise Licence
  • Alerting + Server Grouping
  • 20 users
  • 100 Saved Stack traces
  • 100 Saved Transactions
  • 30 days data retention – low res metric data
  • 7 days Data retention – Application Transactions
  • 7 days Data retention – High Res metric data

Fusion Premium Support

Fusion Premium Support is a paid support option which can be purchased on an incident by incident basis – these incidents cover things such as basic usage questions and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features. We recommend that premium support is purchased for every 10 licenses of FusionReactor.