FusionReactor FastTrack Training

Learn hands-on with a FusionReactor expert to make the most out of your application monitoring solution


Based on your needs


2.5 hours


Training is held on demand


What Is FusionReactor Training?

During a FusionReactor training session, you will be guided through a customized one-on-one session (for you and any number of your colleagues) that will introduce FusionReactor and its key features, at whatever level you are coming from. Whether you’re brand new to FR or have used it for a while (or even years), the training will be focused on what seems best for you, based on some initial discussion that would take place in advance of the training. The 2.5 hours can then be spent over whatever span of time you prefer, such as an hour a week for two weeks and then a final half-hour, or all 2.5 hours at once, etc.

Among the things past trainees have requested to focus on were:

  • Using FR for troubleshooting specific problems (long requests, database problems, memory problems, CPU problems)
  • Using FR to understand general application performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Using FR to observe past performance, whether via logs or the FR “Archived Metrics” feature, or the FR Cloud Historical data view
  • Getting the most out of FR Cloud, for those who have only used the FR on-premise UI for years


  • Running FusionReactor on WINDOWS or LINUX
  • Appropriate FusionReactor license covering your environment.

Important Information

  • The FastTrack training will only be provided for customers meeting these pre-requisites. If you need assistance in meeting those, please contact us.
  • Intergral reserves the right to cancel and reschedule an installation procedure, up to 24 hours prior to the planned date.
  • FusionReactor licenses can be purchased online from the buy page

Other Options:

Other Platforms – if you are using another platform e.g. AIX, Solaris, Oracle AS, Websphere and would like to have similar training, please contact us for pricing.

Multi-instance, clusters, load-balanced environments – we can also provide expert advice on the optimal setup for FusionReactor – please contact us for more details.