Performance Profiling

Instantly find and fix performance issues in your applications

FusionReactor Gives You Actionable Data to Pinpoint & Fix Issues

FusionReactor is the only production-grade APM solution designed for developers. It provides low-level insight to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, pins down memory leaks, and understand threading issues.

Continuous Code Profiling

The low overhead application performance profiler will give you instant insight into how your application is performing, right down at the method level. Designed for development and production environments, it will instantly pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

Performance Troubleshooting in Memory & Heap

Get detailed insight into Java memory spaces as well as the garbage collector. Use FusionReactor’s memory analyzer to see real-time heap utilization, to quickly spot possible memory leaks or excessive object creation.

Monitor Thread CPU Performance

FusionReactors Thread Profiler lets you explore which threads are running in the JVM, how much CPU they are using, and the current thread state. Additional profiling and stack trace analysis allow performance issues to be quickly and efficiently tracked down.

Find Deadlocks & Thread Contention Issues

See real-time thread state, CPU utilization, wait time etc. Instantly profile or stack trace an individual thread to pinpoint performance, deadlock, and thread contention issues.