Infrastructure monitoring

A comprehensive view of infrastructure performance with easy deployment, minimal maintenance, and a breadth of coverage that is unmatched

Infrastructure dashboards

You can keep your cloud or hybrid environments up to date and optimized with FusionReactor’s SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring, which provides metrics, visualizations, and alerts. FusionReactor helps teams communicate and troubleshoot more effectively by covering a wide range of popular technologies, deploying easily, and maintaining minimal maintenance.

Coverage of every stack

  • Implement on-premises, hybrid, IoT, and multi-cloud environments
  • Integrate Kubernetes, serverless, and more than 500 different technologies with vendor-backed integrations
  • With tag-based search and analytics, you can slice and dice complex infrastructure easily

Metrics without boundaries

  • Ingest all your metrics. Select metrics for your query that are valuable; you can change your mind at any time
  • Keep your queries mathematically accurate and precise
  • Reduce the time engineers spend building and maintaining proxy servers

Optimal performance and availability of critical business applications

  • Monitoring key performance metrics like response times and resource utilization can help identify bottlenecks and potential issues before they impact users, leading to an improved database and application performance.
  • By detecting and diagnosing issues before they cause downtime, database monitoring can help ensure that critical business applications and services are always available to users.
  • Monitoring for anomalies and unusual behavior can help identify potential security threats, such as unauthorized access attempts or data breaches, allowing for prompt remediation and improved database security.

Enhanced collection capabilities

  • Distribution metrics, including p99 latency, and error rate, provide global accurate percentiles
  • Monitor every process running in the stack with real-time monitoring
  • Utilize FRCloud or the API to include business-level metrics like revenue and customer behavior