Crash Reporting & Alerting

Know in advance before things go bad

Receive instant alerts when things start to go bad

  • Stay on top of issues as they unfold, set alerts from any metric, or log
  • Integrates with alerting tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps, email plus many others
Crash Reporting, FusionReactor

Customizable alerts

  • Advanced alerting capability enables you to set alerts based on the different metrics available

Crash Protection and Alerting

  • FusionReactor can pro-actively take action to prevent potential server crashes and limit customer impact
  • Insight into code-level diagnostics, stack trace information, and resource metrics as soon as situations are turning bad

Daily, weekly & monthly reports

  • Keep up to date with server and application utilization and health metrics
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly SLA reports sent straight to your inbox