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Delivering Innovative Software Solutions and Products Since the 90’s

Our Story So Far

Since the 90s, Intergral has been providing innovative products, enterprise scale software solutions and IT Services to thousands of customers across the globe. We are an established provider of application performance monitoring (APM) and analysis tools. All of our products reflect our technical expertise, high focus on usability, commitment to quality and complete attention to detail.

Intergral is headquartered in Germany and has regional offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Intergral is an Adobe Solution Partner and a global Authorized Reseller of Adobe products.

Adobe Software Reseller

About Us, FusionReactor

Intergral is an Adobe Solution Partner and Global Authorized Reseller of Adobe products. We have been an Adobe reseller since 2005. We are also an authorized provider of third party tools for Adobe ColdFusion.

Contact Details

+44 207 193 1212
+49 7031 221461


Intergral Headquarters, Germany

Intergral GmbH
Schickardstr. 32 D.03
71034 Boeblingen

German Tax ID: DE 197 537 936
Company Registration: Stuttgart HRB4591

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Performance Consulting

About Us, FusionReactor

Our consulting practice www.cfconsultant.com is a one-stop shop for all of your ColdFusion consulting and support needs. The service models we offer are designed to help you get quick resolution to a wide range of CF / Application related problems. Our experience has come from designing and developing Enterprise scale ColdFusion applications, providing the world’s leading ColdFusion monitoring application, as well as through hundreds of successful client field engagements.

What We Offer

Fusion Products

About Us, FusionReactor

Intergral is an established provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and analysis tools with over 5,000 customers and 25,000+ servers running FusionReactor.
Our flagship product, FusionReactor offers deep, realtime insight into your applications, combined with our unique server Crash Protection capability. FusionReactor is the most effective tool to monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose and protect your servers.