Flexible Licensing Options

Annual Subscription and On-Demand Pricing Keeps You in Control

The FusionReactor Cloud combines FusionReactor On-Premise capabilities with the added enhancements of our SaaS UI

If you have an FR Cloud account, then metrics and alerts will be sent to the cloud as well as locally. FusionReactor SaaS is ideal for capturing and maintaining metric data. It is also the best choice if you have multiple servers or dynamic containerized environments as it delivers aggregated views across all of your servers and offers on-demand pricing. Migrate from On-Prem to SaaS in a single click.

How is FusionReactor Licenced?

SaaS (Cloud)

Licensing, FusionReactor


Licensing, FusionReactor

Choose the best licensing package to suit your environment

FusionReactor SaaS enables you to either make RESERVATIONS for how many servers you would like to purchase each month – or you can use the ON-DEMAND licensing so that we charge you based on your actual usage.  On-demand is great if you’re running Docker containers in a dynamic environment.

Run containers and get even more monitoring for your dollar

Each physical or virtual server (host) requires one FusionReactor license. If you are using SaaS then up to 4 instances or 4 containers are covered with a single license reservation. If you exceed 4 instances/containers, then you will require a second license e.g. 4 instances = 1 reservation, 6 containers = 2 reservations, 13 instances = 4 reservations, etc.

How is on-demand time calculated?

FusionReactor SaaS accommodates a more flexible model of being able to support static and dynamic server monitoring. When you reserve a host (server) for a monthly period this is equal to 750 hours. You can think of this as a bucket of time – which can contain up to 750 hours. If you just have one server using time from the bucket, then it will fill over time – so that each month, the bucket is filled. If you introduce a second server, which comes online for say 24 hours within the month – then this time will also go into the bucket. When the bucket is full, then (in this case) at the end of the month you would require 24 hours extra time, which would be calculated on-demand and which you would be charged for. The on-demand (dynamic) rate is 20% higher than the reserved rate.

This model is interesting for customers who have (say) 2 static servers and 3 dynamic servers that are coming online frequently, but not permanently – in this case, you could reserve (say) 3 servers and have the 3rd server cover the time for the 3 dynamic servers at the lower rate.

What types of SaaS licenses are available?

A FusionReactor SaaS Subscription license will allow you to use FusionReactor both On-Premise and in the SaaS for the subscription period – Monthly or Annual. FusionReactor SaaS is available as Ultimate or Enterprise Editions

Subscription renewals are automatic if your credit card details are OK.

If you are unable to use a SaaS solution then On-Prem keeps your metric data captured in your local environment

FusionReactor offers different Editions which are explained here.

Can you migrate from On-Prem to SaaS?

Yes, migrating is easy, visit our migration page and complete the form – it takes 30 seconds.

On-Prem keeps your metric data captured in your local environment

Each physical or virtual server requires one FusionReactor license – all of the instances which are installed on that server are covered by the one FusionReactor license. So, if you have (say) 6 virtual machines, then you need 6 seats on your license key.

Note, that on a single server you may have multiple instances (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, ColdFusion, etc.) installed on it, but you still only need for that (virtual or physical) server.   Virtual Machines (VM’s) are also classed as separate physical servers and therefore require a license.

Monthly or Annual subscription On-premise license

Subscriptions are purchased on a monthly or annual basis, if you can make an annual commitment then you can make substantial savings. Your subscription will last until you cancel it and will renew automatically and be charged on your credit card. If for some reason your payment fails then you will be contacted by our payment provider and then by us. If the situation is not rectified then FusionReactor will no longer be licensed and will stop working.

Can I buy a Perpetual license?

Perpetual licenses are no longer available, if you are using a Perpetual license please see our Maintenance page to see how to buy additional licenses.

Have any questions?

For more information see our FAQ page or contact sales or support