Comparing FusionReactor On-premise with Cloud

FusionReactor Cloud enhances and extends the On-premise monitoring capabilities

FusionReactor Cloud and/or On-Premise Deployment it’s your choice

When signing up for a FusionReactor trial – you’re faced with the decision would you like FR Cloud or FR On-Premise?   This is not quite an either or choice because ALL FusionReactor users will have the On-prem (on-premises) implementation (user interface). That’s the classic implementation of FR.  

The “agent” used to gather metrics and telemetry is the same regardless of how you decide you wish to deploy – and if you choose FR Cloud – then you get Cloud and the on-premise deployment included i.e. irrespective of what you choose, you always get on-premise.   See our license page for details.

Selecting FR Cloud will give you additional powerful capability and new ways to analyze your metrics as well as log data.

Take FR Cloud if you:

  • Are looking for an Observability Platform rather than only app monitoring
  • Want AI / ML capabilities – see OpsPilot AI
  • Need historical details of your metrics (13 months), logs (30 days) and trace data (30 days)
  • Want to analyze server crashes after the fact
  • Need a holistic view of your applications usage
  • Want more comprehensive alerting capabilities
  • Want to monitor and index any logs – such as application or server logs
  • Are deploying on a containerized environment
  • Want to add monitoring capability for other technologies e.g. .NET, Node, C++ etc.
  • Want to combine data from multiple sources e.g. external databases, K8s, Nginx, Nodes etc.
Comparing FusionReactor On-prem with FusionReactor Cloud, FusionReactor
Comparing FusionReactor On-prem with FusionReactor Cloud, FusionReactor

FusionReactor On-Premise UI

The classical User Interface is always available once you have deployed the FusionReactor agent.  This interface is only available internally and focuses on providing many pre-set views which show specific performance and error related transactions and data.

Up to one weeks worth of data is stored in memory and all of the metrics captured are stored in logs, which can be accessed via the Metric Archive viewer.

FusionReactor Cloud UI

FusionReactor Cloud is a hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Each FusionReactor Cloud customer account is a tenant of the FusionReactor cloud platform.

The UI is richer than the on-premise implementation and offers additional capability, but the telemetry shown is of course the same between FR On-premise and FR Cloud – cloud can hold up to 13 months of metric data.

Features and capabilities – FusionReactor Ultimate Edition FR On-Premise FR Cloud
FR Ultimate Edition Monthly cost – Annual Commitment Pricing
Metric Data retention 1 Week 13 Months
Granular Metric Data retention (traces) 1 Day 30 Days
Log Retention NO 30 Days
OpsPilot AI – Generative AI for Observability NO YES
Google Single Sign-On Authentication NO YES
Unlimited Individual user sign-in NO YES
On-demand billing NO YES
Application Aggregate View (See an Application holistic combined view from multiple instances) NO YES
Alerting and reporting Basic Advanced
Infrastructure monitoring e.g. K8s, Nginx, nodes, external DB’s NO YES
Log dashboards NO YES
Log monitoring (ingesting logs from different sources) NO YES
Docker Containers per license 1 4
Archived Log Storage (from captured metrics) Limited by disk space
Premium support YES YES
Annual Health Check YES YES
Production Debugger – note the debugger UI and settings are only available via the On-premise interface YES YES
Event Snapshots – automated root cause analysis YES YES
Code Profiler – see performance bottlenecks YES YES
Memory Profiler – Spot memory leaks and pinpoint excessive object creation – note the Memory Profiler screen is only available via the On-premise interface YES YES
Thread Profiler – See the state of running threads and quickly isolate blocked threads YES YES
CPU profiler – Monitor thread CPU performance YES YES
Enterprise Dashboard (only available via On-premise UI) – FusionReactor Cloud has similar capability YES YES
LDAP Integration YES NO
User Accounts – Admin, Manager, Observer YES YES
Application Performance Monitoring YES YES
Database Performance monitoring YES YES

Why choose FusionReactor On-Prem APM?

Comparing FusionReactor On-prem with FusionReactor Cloud, FusionReactor

Need to keep data local?

The usual reason for only using FusionReactor On-premise is that you have a requirement to NOT SEND ANY metric data outside of your organization.   FusionReactor On-premise will ONLY store data locally on your server.    If you have some restrictions for certain types of information e.g. if you’re storing credit card details, then it’s worth noting that FusionReactor provides the capability to obfuscate data – this can be obfuscated either locally or before being sent to the cloud.

On-premise software is installed locally, on your business’ computers and servers FusionReactor cloud software is hosted on the vendor’s servers (hosted with Amazon AWS) and accessed via a web browser.

  • On-premise is ideal for those running monolithic applications
  • Is often preferred by governments, education, healthcare, and verticals where security is paramount