Consolidated, actionable log monitoring

Faster, easier troubleshooting and triage, get log insight from apps, infrastructure, and network devices

Log monitoring, FusionReactor

See all your logs in one place

  • Ingest your logs from anywhere in your architecture
  • We support all log shippers that send logs in either HTTP or GRPC protocols

Your log files can reveal issues before they affect users

  • Continuous and proactive view of performance across applications, services, and infrastructure down to the request level
  • Quickly spot patterns across interconnected services, events, and issues
  • Analyze logs to diagnose crashes and instability

Get a holistic view across your stack

  • You can analyze and combine logs from multiple sources, such as SQL, Docker, Nginx, IIS, application and service logs to get a truly holistic view
  • Make sense of different logs in different formats

Outstanding visual insight through graphing and charting

  • Turn text-based logs into graphical representations of data
  • Create metrics directly out of your log content
  • Create a dashboard to visualize important aspects of our infrastructure in one location
Log monitoring, FusionReactor

Get proactive by receiving alerts that matter

  • Get alerts on anything that is important to you from your logs
  • Powerful query-based alert engine
  • Get alerts where and when you need them