Code Profiler

Get instant insight into code performance issues in your production environment

Instantly Find Performance Bottlenecks

The Code Profiler is a low overhead performance analysis tool, which can be easily run in your production environment. Profiling occurs automatically, so you will never miss an issue.

Code Profiler, FusionReactor

Low-Overhead application performance profiling

FusionReactor Ultimate Edition includes an integrated low-overhead Java Profiler – which is the perfect tool for identifying poorly performing code in your production environment.
You can profile any requests or transactions which are running on the JVM – e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, WildFly, Glassfish, Jetty etc. ColdFusion applications can also be profiled.

Automatically Profile Problem Requests

When the Profiler is enabled, request and transactions will be automatically profiled and stored so you can analyze them at your leisure.
You can also start profiling on-demand – giving you full flexibility.

Code Profiler, FusionReactor
Code Profiler, FusionReactor

Low Overhead application performance profiling

The Production Profiler is designed as a low overhead tool, which can be easily run in your production environment. Simple to configure, you can decide whether the Profiler should run automatically and under what conditions e.g. Profile requests or transactions when they have been running for a set period of time. The number of profile samples taken can also be limited, enabling you to control the level of accuracy of the sample.

The FusionReactor low Overhead application performance profiling tool will give you instant insight into application performance issues during development, staging and in production environments. It can be run on demand or automatically when slow requests are detected. Download our  performance profiler for free.