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FusionReactor’s HYBRID solution combines On-Premise with Cloud, giving you the best of both worlds!

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Feature Ultimate Cloud
$79 month with annual reservation
Enterprise Cloud
$59 month with annual reservation
Live Mode – enabling ‘real-time’ updates YES
Performance Profiles – Visualize Code Profiles, to provide performance insight into how code is performing at method level YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Ultimate Edition – including Production Debugger, Event Snapshots, Production Java Profiler, Memory Profiler, Thread Profiler, and CPU Sampler YES
User Accounts which may be managed via Cloud Unlimited 20
Saved Stack Traces / Transactions / Profiles Unlimited 100
Data Retention Period – Low-Resolution metric data 90 Days 30 Days
Data Retention Period – High-Resolution metric data 7 Days 7 Days
Data Retention Period – Application metric data (Interesting Transactions) 7 Days 7 Days
Advanced Alerting Capability – alerting via Slack, Victor Ops, PagerDuty, Twilio, web-hooks, email, etc. YES YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Enterprise Edition, including Enterprise Dashboard, JMX MBean Metrics, AWS CloudWatch integration, System Monitor, Enterprise Daily Report, Logging Capture, and Enterprise Scripting YES YES
ALL the Features available in the On-Premise Standard Edition, including Crash Protection, Metric Archive Viewer, End to End Real User Monitoring, Availability Monitor, Alerts & Notifications, Automatic Error/Issue detection & pinpoint, DB/SQL Analysis, Transaction Monitoring, JSON Monitoring, Standard Daily Reports, etc. YES YES